What happened

On Tuesday, AnaptysBio (NASDAQ:ANAB) traded down nearly 10% at one point, before recovering to end the day 2.5% higher. There wasn't any direct news driving such sentiments; rather, it seems other factors were at play.

So what

AnaptysBio is a clinical-stage biotech that concentrates on immunology therapies -- currently a hot area of development in the healthcare world.

At the moment, its leading pipeline drug is imsidolimab, which is currently being developed to treat moderate to severe cases of a rare autoimmune disease called generalized palmoplantar pustulosis.

A researcher studying a sample in a petri dish.

Image source: Getty Images.

Investors are awaiting phase 2 clinical trial results for imsidolimab and they are hopeful; preliminary results indicate that it is extremely efficacious, although the study has only eight participants.

So considering that, plus the fact that there have been no updates about the company's other pipeline drugs, the earlier sell-off might be a case of "no news is bad news" for AnaptysBio.

The company has its believers, however. One of the more powerful ones is analyst Anupam Rama from the JPMorganChase unit J.P. Morgan. On Feb. 11, Rama dramatically increased both his recommendation and price target on the stock, on the back of potentially very strong official results from that imsidolimab trial.

Now what

Expectations remain high for AnaptysBio, and much will depend on the imsidolimab data. Regardless of how it shakes out, the company operates in the exciting and high-potential immunology space, and will definitely continue to be a business for all biotech investors to watch. 

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