The applications for artificial intelligence are just starting to surface in everyday life. Sometimes, such algorithms can wreak havoc on public life (think: echo chambers on social media). But in other areas, AI can create a more level playing field.

The AI used by Upstart Holdings (UPST -5.34%), for instance, is offering a better risk profile for lenders than traditional methods. Because of it, credit is available to a far wider populace, and lenders aren't losing money because of it. The stock has responded in kind, surging over 1,000% since its 2020 IPO.

But Upstart isn't the only company with a credible way of capitalizing on AI in the marketplace. Riskified (RSKD 0.08%) -- which went public just this summer -- is doing the same thing in e-commerce. It reduces fraud while increasing sales for companies that use its technology. 

In this eight-minute video filmed on Aug. 20, Motley Fool contributors Brian Stoffel and Brian Feroldi highlight the company and why they're so excited about its future.