My wife and I recently took a trip to Las Vegas. On our visit, we were drawn to a specific slot machine based on the game show Press Your Luck. (You are thinking to yourself, Why do I care, Eric? I will get to that part, so please read on.) We spent so much time having fun on this machine that we had to cancel our dinner reservations. I didn't think much of it again. That is, until I performed a stock screener looking for off-the-radar, small-gap growth stocks. 

I found several stocks that looked interesting, but one stood out from the pack. This company showed staggering 345.78% year-over-year revenue growth on its recent earnings report. Almost 346% growth! I had to investigate further. Additionally, the net profit margin was a solid 20.98%. I then looked at the market cap and P/E ratio. The market cap was around $2.26 billion, and the P/E ratio stood at around 44. This seemed too good to be true, so I spent several hours researching and trying to find holes in the business. This company, Everi Holdings (EVRI 8.05%), seems to be well positioned as a recovery stock. Sure, it had easy 2020 comps from the pandemic, but I think there's more to the story. Everi looks to be an amazing recurring revenue business built around gaming, fintech, software, and loyalty programs. Could Everi be the future of contactless gaming through its enterprisewide digital CashClub Wallet app? 

In its last quarter, Everi reported an impressive 82% last-12-months recurring revenue. As someone with a background in software-as-a-service, I have a weak spot for recurring revenue models. In the below video, I share several hours of analysis and due diligence in 20 minutes. I provide a full background on the business model, share my thoughts and opinions, and tell you what I'm doing with EVRI stock. Could this casino stock be a great addition to your portfolio?

*Stock prices used in the below video are from the Oct. 27, 2021 trading day. The video was published on Oct. 27, 2021.