Interest-rate-sensitive stocks have taken a beating lately and will likely continue to do so for the next several months. However, in this video clip from "The Future of Fintech" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on June 30, contributor Lou Whiteman highlights three stocks that are positioned to perform in the future.

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Lou Whiteman: Where I really see opportunity right now is a collection of smaller financial services-related companies that have understandably been hit hard by the Fed's actions and this goes back to what we're talking about at the beginning of the hour.

The next three months, six months for interest rate-sensitive stocks are going to be brutal. That's just how the game works. Some of these companies, in Live Oak's (LOB -0.61%) case, usually banks do well in rising rates, but Live Oak with its source of funding it's not one that tends to do well at the beginning of an interest rate rising. It has been hit really hard down what I think 40% or so.

I put that in a basket with Kinsale Capital (KNSL -0.29%), a company I love and a specialty insurance company. Walker & Dunlop (WD -0.45%) is another Fool favorite that's just one of these just smaller companies. It's a commercial real estate lender. Multi-family where they specialize tends to be less vulnerable to a rising rate environment than single-family homes. But, yes, it's going to get hit and the stocks have been bludgeoned by this and the results for the next three to six months are probably going to get hit hard.

As a long-term holder, I think these are terrific buying opportunities because these are businesses that have been through the cycle. They know what they're doing, yes, the next few months are hard, but I really, if you want to place to nibble right now or a place to shop aggressively. These established, not really fintech, not this is their first cycle, not with like some of the risks we talked about with Upstart.

But these established just really good at what they do. Just from no fault of their own, the macro-environment stock has been hit hard because the next few quarters are going to really stink. As a long-term holder, these just look like great opportunities and I would certainly throw Live Oak into that mix.