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Lou Whiteman

Lou Whiteman


Lou has followed the markets for more than two decades, developing extensive contacts including industry leaders, consultants, regulators, and labor representatives. He spends a lot of time these days focused on the industrials and financials. When not arguing on Twitter or writing about the markets, Lou spends his free time out in nature, complaining online about the Baltimore Orioles or Watford FC, or listening to early 1990s alt rock.

Recent articles

BA 737 Max source BA

Why Boeing Shares Are Falling Today

Fresh supply chain issues threaten to further cloud the company's recovery timeline.

Passenger airplane getting ready for flight fueling source Getty

Why Airline Shares Are Losing Altitude Today

Can demand hold up in the face of rising inflation?

Fisker Ocean source FSR

Why Fisker Shares Are Falling Today

The company is raising additional cash in a difficult market.

SAVE A319 source SAVE

Why Spirit Airlines Stock Gained Altitude This Week

JetBlue is not giving up its interest in buying the airline.

JBLU A320 source JBLU

Why JetBlue Shares Are Up Today

A fresh setback in its M&A pursuit leaves investors unfazed.

Aircraft Jet engine maintenance in airplane hangar Getty

Why Triumph Group Shares Are Falling Again Today

Wall Street sees headwinds confronting this aerospace company's restructuring efforts.

Airplane flying above clouds at sunset Getty

Why Boeing and Airline Stocks Are Falling Today

How long can the airlines outrun inflation?

aerospace maintenance engineer inspecting airplane in hangar Getty

Why Shares of Triumph Group Are Plunging Today

The outlook for the new fiscal year is not as rosy as analysts had hoped.

Pentagon from the air source getty

6 Top Defense ETFs to Watch

The lowdown on some of the top options for investors seeking exposure to the defense industry.

airport lounge source getty

Why Airline Stocks Are Gaining Altitude Today

United says demand is holding up well heading into the summer months.

Air traffic controller signaling airplane at airport Getty

Why Spirit Airlines Is Up and JetBlue Is Down Today

There's a fresh twist to the ongoing airline industry merger saga.

Pentagon from the air source getty

Why Shares of ManTech International Are Rocketing Higher Today

The defense IT company has found a buyer.

Silhouette of airplane flying over palm trees in sunset Getty

Why Airline Stocks Are on the Rise Today

Airlines, as much as any industry, understand the importance of a soft landing.

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner source BA

Why Boeing Failed to Sustain Its Altitude Today

The company's shares were dealt a midday blow.

Traveler on business jet reading on tablet Getty

Why Shares of Wheels Up Experience Are Flying High Today

Investors got the growth they were looking for.

potash fertilizer mine getty

Why ICL Group Shares Are Soaring Higher Today

The company is seeing stronger-than-expected demand for its core products.

Satellite Communications Under A Starry Sky source Getty

Why Shares of Rada Electronic Are Down Today

Delays in U.S. government spending pushed this Israeli defense contractor into the red.

BA commercial twin-aisle family source BA

Why Boeing Stock Is Falling Today

In a risk-off market, investors are selling stocks that face uncertain times ahead.

tourist with luggage ,wearing mask to prevent during travel time at the airport terminal for protect from the new Coronavirus 2019 infection outbreak situation

Why Airline Shares Are Down Today

New economic headwinds threaten to stunt the sector's recovery.

Virgin Galactic Unity with transport source SPCE

Why Virgin Galactic Shares Are Grounded Today

The company has again pushed back its target for starting commercial service.

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