When Boeing (NYSE: BA) touched down in Paris for this week's air show, no one was expecting it to score a knockout. As one commenter on our boards was quick to point out, "EADS is notorious for scheduling order announcements around big shows such as the Paris Air Show; therefore, it is almost a given that Airbus will be ahead of Boeing after the airshow."

So far, so expected. Twenty-four hours into the show, our scorecard shows EADS/Airbus with a commanding lead over Boeing. The A320neo airliner is a hit, helping Airbus secure a staggering $14.4 billion in plane sales (and helping out United Technologies (NYSE: UTX) as well, maker of the neo's new engine).

But Boeing's not going down without a fight. Yes, Airbus is stealing the show, selling dozens of single-aisle planes to buyers including SAS and General Electric (NYSE: GE), with more deals expected out of Air Lease (NYSE: AL), Qatar Airways, and IndiGo. But Boeing has landed some punches as well, inking deals for the 787, 777, 747-8, and outselling Airbus on the high end. Meanwhile, Airbus suffered a couple unforced errors when its monstrous A380 airliner proved less than nimble on the tarmac, getting into a fender bender early in the show, and the EADS A400M military transport ran into technical difficulties with its gearbox.

Can Boeing maintain momentum and capitalize on EADS/Airbus' mistakes? Add Boeing to your Fool watchlist to keep abreast of all major developments at the Paris Air Show.

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