In what might be characterized as a celebration of 1 million developers using its platform for hosting Web-based software, (NYSE:CRM) announced new software development packages meant to broaden its appeal for apps targeted at mobile devices.

Executives will tout the new SDK, which supports iOS and Android as well as HTML5 for pure Web apps, during a 37-city tour. Salesforce stock fell slightly following the news as Rackspace Hosting (NYSE:RAX) pitched similar mobile "stacks" to help developers create and deploy apps quickly.

Both efforts have merit, Tim Beyers of Motley Fool Rule Breakers and Motley Fool Supernova says in the following interview with The Motley Fool's Erin Miller. At the very least, Tim says, those shorting Salesforce stock need to be watching how developers take to the new SDK. Their returns (or lack thereof) depend upon it.

Please watch this short video to get Tim's full take, and then leave a comment to let us know whether you believe Salesforce stock is a buy, sell, or short right now.