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Motley Fool Staff
Motley Fool Staff
Jul 24, 2014 at 12:29PM

Biotech stocks, tech stocks, and a materials stock are among the subjects in the most popular stories on Fool.com around noon on Thursday. Scroll down to see what was popular later in the day and check out the full list of headlines at Fool.com to see what else Fools are writing about.

  1. Will FDA Labelling Be MannKind's Downfall?
  2. Why Qualcomm and Cirrus Got Crushed After Earnings
  3. 4 Trillion Cubic Feet Later and the Wattenberg Still Has Plenty to Give
  4. The Real Reason AT&T is Acquiring DIRECTV
  5. Don’t Fear a Correction With 2 Dividend Stocks You Can Hold Forever
  6. With the IBM Deal, Tim Cook Takes Apple Where Steve Jobs Never Could
  7. What Will Puma Biotechnology Inc's $700 Million Man Do Next?
  8. How Microsoft's Job Cuts Will Affect the 'Shadow Workforce'
  9. Qualcomm, Inc. Falls 5% on Solid but Mundane Q3 Results
  10. Why Facebook, Nokia, and Logitech are Surging

By the end of the trading day Fool.com visitors had moved nearly a whole new slate of articles into the top 10, including one that was riding high earlier this week. (You can't keep the Mouse down.)