In the battle between Sprint (NYSE:S) and T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) for third place in the wireless phone business, one company has been the clear aggressor.

T-Mobile, led by its brash CEO John Legere, has never hesitated to mock its one-time potential merger partner -- or any of the other players in the field. The "Un-carrier's" CEO has made his feelings known at press conferences, to the media, and most blatantly on social media.

Ripping his rivals has been a big piece of Legere's way of doing business. For the most part, his counterparts have stayed above the fray. That changed recently when Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure took offense to a Legere tweet and fired back angrily on Twitter.

Source: Marcelo Claure's Twitter feed

It's a feisty move from Claure which shows that perhaps he's not wiling to simply cede the low-price, honest CEO market to Legere and T-Mobile.

What are they fighting about?
Legere's initial tweet attacked Sprint's All-In plan which offers a leased top-tier phone as well as unlimited high-speed data, talk, and text for $80. He did not specify why he feels the offer is a swing and a miss on Twitter and T-Mobile did not respond to a request for comment from GeekWire.

While he did not explain why he disliked All-In, Legere did take to Twitter to both tweak and compliment Claure.

Source: John Legere's Twitter feed

For his part, Claure not only got angry at Legere's comments, he used the social media site to post his own complaints about T-Mobile's marketing claims.

Source: Marcelo Claure's Twitter

Claure appeared to lose control a bit during his Twitter outburst, but he levels some pretty serious charges. T-Mobile has built its entire business around honesty, so attacking that is a major charge.

What will happen here?
While Claure has a point since T-Mobile's offer could be seen as confusing, it's likely that his attack on Legere was more a case of his showing that he won't be pushed around rather than an attempt to engage his rival over the long-term. It's unlikely that the normally upbeat, cool, and calm CEO will become a Legere clone. This was probably just a case of enough being enough.

Still, Claure's remarks proved a point. They showed that Sprint's CEO will stand up for his company and that he won't turn a blind eye to Legere as AT&T and Verizon generally do. That might give Legere pause in the future, though it's hard to think the hard-charging CEO will back off from a fight.

Still, while they may snap at each other a bit, both Legere and Claure know that the real battle is against their bigger rivals. Neither company will make huge gains stealing customers from each other, but the much bigger AT&T and Verizon look ripe for the picking.

This Twitter war showed that Claure has some fight in him, but he's likely to take the fight to the big boys -- not to Legere and T-Mobile.