Here Are 5 Ways to Score the Best Deal on Southwest

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  • Southwest has a reputation for being extra friendly to fliers and charging minimal additional fees.
  • If you plan to fly with the airline soon, you may be able to score a deal on airline tickets.
  • Buying Wanna Get Away fares, booking tickets during a sale, and using the airline's low-fare calendar can help you get the best deal.

Flying doesn't have to be expensive.

Many travelers look for the best ways to save money on flights and hotels to stick to their vacation budget and honor their personal finance goals. Every bit of money saved adds up and can make a difference. While travel can be expensive, it doesn't have to be. If you're flying with Southwest Airlines soon, there are several ways to get a good deal on airfare.

1. Buy Wanna Get Away fares

Similar to other airlines, Southwest has several fare types. If you want the best price possible, opting for Wanna Get Away fares is the way to go. Since this is the airline's base fare, you'll pay the lowest prices this way. You'll get flight credit if your plans change and you cancel your ticket -- as long as you cancel at least 10 minutes before your flight is set to depart. Southwest recently updated its flight credit policy, and flight credits no longer expire -- talk about a win!

2. Use the low-fare calendar to find the cheapest prices

Southwest makes it easy to find the best deals on its website. Travelers can use the airline's low-fare calendar to compare pricing by date. If you're flexible and don't need to travel on set dates, this tool can allow you to travel without draining your checking account balance.

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3. Book your tickets during an airfare sale

Southwest is generous with its sales, promoting airfare sales several times a year. Purchasing tickets during a sale is an excellent way to keep your spending to a minimum. It's worth noting that sometimes the savings are more significant for specific destinations. If you're an adventurous traveler, you may want to let the deals decide your next destination. Make sure you sign up for Southwest's emails so you don't miss the next sale.

4. Monitor prices and rebook when prices decrease

Did you know that Southwest doesn't charge cancellation fees if you need to change your flight? If you cancel at least 10 minutes before departure, you'll only be charged if there is a difference in airfare. This flexible policy can help travelers save on the cost of airfare. Once you book a flight, you can keep an eye on prices and rebook your flight if the price drops. Southwest loyalists do this to get the best Southwest deal.

Note: Southwest fares won't appear when using airfare price comparison tools. The airline doesn't allow outside companies to access its pricing data, so you'll need to use the Southwest website or mobile app to monitor prices.

5. Use points to fly for nearly free

If you like to fly with Southwest, make sure you join the free loyalty program. You'll earn Rapid Rewards points when you fly and can also earn points in other ways, like when you spend money with Southwest credit cards. You can redeem your rewards for nearly free flights. When booking award travel flights, travelers are responsible for paying taxes and fees. But paying a few dollars in fees is much more affordable than paying the entire ticket cost.

Don't overpay for your next flight

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