Here's the Best Credit Card Advice We Found on Twitter

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  • You can use credit cards to build credit, learn money management skills, and earn rewards.
  • We collected the best advice from Twitter users so you can get the most out of your credit cards.
  • Advice ranges from using 0% APR cards for large purchases to treating credit cards like debit cards.

You don't have to fear credit cards as long as you use them with care.

If you're new to using credit cards or are looking to improve your credit card habits, it can be valuable to look to others for credit card advice.

But it's important to remember that not all advice is good. We took the time to research the best credit card advice found on Twitter to help you make the best credit card moves.

1. If you're not using a rewards card, you're missing out

If you use credit cards, it's a good idea to look into getting a rewards credit card to earn valuable rewards. Otherwise, you're missing out on the chance to earn cash back or other rewards.

Twitter user kvthyvu shares her thoughts on credit card rewards. She tweets, "The whole 'if they pay with a credit card, they're broke' debate is so weird because, like… credit card points??? If anything, I feel weird when someone pays with a debit card because I think about all the rewards and points they're missing out on."

She makes a great point. While debit cards are convenient, most of them don't offer rewards. Instead, you can use rewards credit cards and get paid when you make purchases.

2. Use a 0% APR credit card to pay for a big purchase

While saving up for a significant purchase ahead of time is ideal, it may not always be an option. If you have an expensive, unexpected purchase coming up, you can use a 0% APR credit card to pay for it.

Twitter user MetalheadMoney tweets, "Use a credit card with a 0% interest intro period to pay for a big purchase. Just be sure to pay it off before the intro period ends!"

This advice is solid. By using this type of credit card and paying off the entire purchase before the promotional 0% APR period ends, you can avoid expensive credit card interest charges.

Many of the best 0% APR credit cards offer no interest for 15 months or more, which gives you time to pay off your debt instead of having to pay for the expense all at once with cash.

3. Treat your credit card like a debit card

The best way to use credit cards is to treat them like you would your debit card. You wouldn't use your debit card to buy something unless you had the money in your bank account.

Twitter user guruintraining_ tweets, "My general rule for myself is that I don't swipe my card for expenses that I can't pay for now. So I'm always able to pay off my balance. Thus the risk of rolling over this higher interest debt is low."

His suggestion is excellent. If you treat your credit card like a debit card, you can avoid the risk of falling into debt. Using your card for purchases you can afford and paying the entire statement balance will prevent you from being charged credit card interest.

4. When traveling internationally, use a card with no foreign transaction fees

Always consider which card is the best to use before making a purchase.

Twitter user twojuliets tweets this advice: "When using credit cards abroad, you will get charged a foreign transaction fee UNLESS you choose a credit card with no foreign fees."

Her advice is wise. Many cards that charge foreign transaction fees charge a fee of 3% for every purchase you make in a foreign currency.

These fees add up quickly and could make your vacation much more expensive. However, it's easy to avoid extra fees using a card with no foreign transaction fees.

5. Use credit cards carefully and win big

When used with care, credit cards can offer many benefits.

Twitter user TheMoneyAvenger shares his take on why using credit cards is a good idea. He tweets, "I know there is a lot of credit card hate on here, but to be honest, it's a really good tool if used correctly. If you know and follow your budget well, always pay your statement balance in full and make these credit card companies pay YOU with cash back rewards, you come up winning."

He makes good points. As long as you only charge what you can afford, pay off your entire statement balance to avoid paying interest, and use a credit card rewards card to earn freebies, you can benefit greatly. By using a credit card, you can also establish credit, which is important.

By making the right money moves, you can benefit by using credit cards. Are you in the market for a new one? Review our list of best credit cards to find your next card.

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