Here's Why Tori Dunlap Pays All Her Bills With a Credit Card

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  • Money coach and podcast host Tori Dunlap prefers to use credit cards instead of debit cards for her daily spending.
  • She likes credit cards because they're more secure, can be used to earn rewards, help build credit, and make it easy to track spending.

Using a credit card for everyday purchases can be a good idea.

Tori Dunlap is a money coach who hosts the Financial Feminist podcast. She discusses money management tips and helps her listeners feel more confident about their finances. Dunlap is a fan of using credit cards instead of debit cards because of their many benefits. Here's why she pays all her bills with a credit card and how to decide if you should ditch your debit card.

Credit cards are more secure

Dunlap explains in the podcast episode titled "I Don't Have a Debit Card" that debit cards aren't as secure as credit cards. If you're a victim of debit card fraud, the funds in your bank account are at risk. Using credit cards can be a safer choice. That's because the money in your bank account isn't linked to your credit card, so you won't be out of cash while you await a fraud investigation to be completed. A credit card fraud investigation can also be faster and more straightforward.

Most debit cards don't earn rewards

Dunlap also prefers using credit cards because she can earn credit card rewards. You can earn cash back and other valuable rewards using rewards credit cards. Most debit cards don't offer rewards; if they do, they're minimal. Using your credit card to cover everyday purchases is an excellent way to boost the rewards you earn.

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You can build credit with credit cards

Another reason Dunlap uses credit cards frequently is to build credit. Using debit cards won't improve your credit. But when you use credit cards with care, you can build credit. By making responsible credit card choices, like paying your bills each month, you'll show creditors that you know how to manage credit and pay back your debts. A good credit score can help you take advantage of future financial opportunities, so working to build your credit is essential.

It's easy to track spending

Dunlap also finds it easier to track her monthly spending when using credit cards. That's because your card issuer will categorize your transactions for you. Looking at your monthly credit card statement makes for a simple way to see where your money is going. Many credit cards will also give you a yearly summary of your spending, which could help you minimize overspending on things that don't matter to you.

Responsible credit card usage is best

While credit cards can be a valuable financial tool, you should use them carefully. You want to avoid making costly mistakes, like accumulating credit card debt. Try the following tips for more success:

  • Pay off outstanding credit card debt: If you have existing credit card debt, you should work to pay your debt off first. Don't continue to use credit cards until you pay off your debts. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk for an even bigger debt problem.
  • Only charge what you can afford: Don't spend money you don't have. Only use your credit card for purchases that you can pay off in full so you can avoid costly interest charges. Make sure that you have enough funds in your bank account to cover your entire credit card bill.
  • Budget to avoid overspending: Overspending with credit cards can lead to a debt problem. Learning to budget can help you avoid overspending. Budgeting apps are one tool that may make it easier to follow a budget and improve your money management skills.

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