These 4 Hidden Hotel Fees Could Make Your Next Vacation More Expensive

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Hotel fees can make your next hotel stay more expensive. Watch out for these hidden fees.

Taking a vacation costs money, but taking a break from your busy life can be well worth the expense. If you're not careful when planning, you may end up paying sneaky fees, especially if you're staying in a hotel. If you're not aware of hidden hotel fees, they can be hard to avoid. Keep reading to find out which hidden hotel fees could make your next trip cost more.

Many vacationers like to stay in a hotel when they travel. Hotels can be comfortable and safe. Plus, it's nice to have housekeeping services available if you plan to stay for more than a couple nights. But being charged extra fees can be annoying, and they could wreck your entire vacation budget. We've outlined four extra fees you should watch out for so you don't pay more than you expect.

1. Resort fees

Some hotels charge a resort fee. This fee may help cover the cost of some of the hotel's amenities, like the fitness center or the hotel pool. But if you don't realize a resort fee will be charged and don't plan to use these amenities, being billed for a resort fee can be frustrating.

You can avoid this situation by reaching out to the hotel before you arrive. The hotel website should clearly explain if there is a resort fee or not. It's still a good idea to call and confirm, though. Make sure the advertised price you're paying is accurate. Otherwise, you may be paying more than you realize -- resort fees can easily cost $25 or more per day.

2. Pet fees

If you're planning to travel with a pet and stay in a pet-friendly hotel, research the pet fees. Some hotels charge a daily fee for pets, while others charge a flat fee, which is added to your bill at the end of your stay. Pet fees are not unusual, but understanding what you'll be paying in advance is best.

As you look into pet-friendly hotels, compare their pet fees, and determine which hotel makes the most sense for your budget. This way, you're not stuck paying more money than you originally planned for you and your pet's hotel stay.

3. In-room Wi-Fi

Many hotels provide free Wi-Fi, but some will require guests to be a loyalty member to enjoy Wi-Fi in their room at no extra cost. If you're not a loyalty member, you may find that you're only able to use free Wi-Fi in the hotel's public areas and will be charged to access Wi-Fi in your hotel room. In this situation, it would be silly to pay for in-room Wi-Fi when you can join the hotel's loyalty program for free.

You can avoid extra Wi-Fi charges by making sure a hotel offers free Wi-Fi before you arrive. Additionally, you can sign up for the hotel's loyalty program if it's required for free Wi-Fi access. These loyalty programs are free to join, and you can get access to other free perks by joining.

4. Parking fees

If you're driving to your hotel, look into the parking situation in advance. Some hotels have a lot or parking garage, but they may charge guests a daily fee to park their car. These fees can be costly, especially if you're spending several days at the hotel. Additionally, some hotels only offer valet parking at a set rate. Make sure you research the parking situation and parking costs before you book your next hotel so you're not caught off guard.

Understanding what kind of extra hotel fees are charged can help you avoid hidden fees. It's also a good plan to set a vacation budget and stick to it. If your hotel will charge extra fees, like a daily parking fee, make sure you account for these costs when setting your budget.

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