This Airline Will Sell All-You-Can-Fly Passes

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  • Budget airline brand Frontier plans to sell a limited number of unlimited flight passes. 
  • This 12-month pass promises all-you-can-fly capabilities and will be available in spring 2023.  
  • Frontier is a no-frills airline, so know that you'll pay extra to select your seat or check luggage. 

Frontier's upcoming all-you-can-fly pass could make frequent travel cheaper. 

What if you could buy an unlimited flight pass and fly as often as you want? Well, soon, you may be able to do just that. Frontier Airlines plans to release a limited number of unlimited flight passes in 2023. Fliers will pay a set price for the pass and can use it for 12 months. Find out what this news means for your travel budget. 

Flying can be expensive. Even if you buy your tickets in advance and choose to fly with a budget airline, this expense can take up a large portion of your vacation budget. But frequent travelers could save money by investing in an unlimited flight pass. 

Frontier Airlines has plans to create such a pass in the new year. For Frontier loyalists, this could be a great way to explore more places while keeping more money in their bank accounts

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Introducing the Go Wild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass

While details are limited, here's what we know about Frontier's Go Wild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass. 

This pass will be made available for purchase beginning in spring 2023. Pass holders can enjoy an unlimited number of all flights and access all destinations that Frontier flies to with this pass.

Valid for up to 12 months, flights will be made available 300+ days a year. Pass holders can be confirmed for a flight the day before takeoff. 

At his point, no other details, including pricing, have been released. We'll have to wait and see if this deal is worth the cost. 

The company noted that last year, 5 million seats flew empty. This pass could be a way for Frontier to fill its flights while helping loyal customers save money on travel expenses. 

Is this pass for you?

Keep in mind that Frontier Airlines is a no-frills, budget airline. While the airline promises low ticket prices, extra fees are the norm. Seat selection, checked bag, and early boarding fees are extra costs you could pay when flying with the brand. 

Passengers can bring a small personal item at no extra cost. But if you're not a light packer or like extras like complimentary beverages and snacks when flying, Frontier may not be the right airline for you. However, this pass may be worthwhile if you're already a frequent Frontier flier. 

Other ways to save on airfare

If you're on a tight budget, you may be looking for ways to save on airfare costs. 

Here are a few ways to save money when booking flights: 

Buy as early as possible: It pays to plan your trip early. You'll usually pay more if you wait until only a couple of weeks or a few days before your trip to book an airline ticket. By booking well in advance, you can keep ticket costs lower and cross a task off your to-do list. 

Use price comparison tools: Using tools like Google Flights and Skyscanner can help you score cheaper flight tickets. You can compare offerings from other airlines and play around with your dates to find an affordable ticket for your next trip.

Get an airline rewards card: You can use airline credit cards to earn rewards when you buy airline tickets and make other purchases. These travel credit cards are perfect for people loyal to a particular airline and can offer additional benefits like free baggage perks. 

Don't wait to travel while working on your personal finance goals 

Travel doesn't have to be expensive. If travel is a priority for you, put extra money in a savings account throughout the year to reach your vacation savings goals. Doing this and taking advantage of other money-saving techniques can make your next trip more affordable. 

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