You're Probably Missing Out on These Credit Card Perks

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  • You can get more value from your credit cards by using all the available perks.
  • One benefit that you may be missing out on is credit card offers.
  • These could allow you to earn cash back or boost your rewards potential when you make eligible purchases.

You may be able to capitalize on additional savings opportunities.

Credit cards can help you build credit and improve your credit score when used with care. Rewards credit cards can also earn you cash back, points, and miles. But that's not all. You could get a discount on eligible purchases or earn bonus rewards by using credit card offers made available to you through your credit card issuer. If you've never explored these offers, you're missing out.

Introducing credit card offers

Many credit card issuers partner with other companies to provide discount opportunities to their cardholders through credit card offers. These discounts function as cash back and, in most cases, are awarded as a statement credit to your credit card account.

Sometimes cardholders can earn bonus rewards in addition to the regular rewards earned with their card with bonus reward offer opportunities. Credit card offers make saving money and boosting your rewards potential simple, without requiring much extra work. To use an offer, you'll need to activate it. It's quick and easy to look for offers and activate the ones that interest you.

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Make sure that you review the terms and conditions of each offer, as there may be some restrictions. It's also worth noting that most offers have expiration dates. Most card issuers add new offers regularly, so check back often so you don't miss out on a good deal.

What kind of offers are available? Here are some examples of offers that you may see:

  • Get 2% back on Dyson purchases of up to $250
  • Spend $500 or more, and get $100 back at select Mandarin Oriental properties
  • Get 10% back at Five Guys
  • Get $5 back on a Showtime subscription when you spend $10.99 or more
  • Earn $25 cash back on The Farmer's Dog purchases of $25 or more

The following credit card offer programs are worth your attention.

Chase Offers

Those with Chase credit cards can save money and earn rewards through the Chase Offers program. You can find and activate offers through the Chase website or mobile app. Once you make an eligible purchase with a participating merchant, you'll earn cash back as a statement credit -- which will make your next credit card bill cheaper.

Citi Merchant Offers

Citi also has a cash back program called Citi Merchant Offers, which is available to targeted Citi cardholders. You'll find a variety of travel, dining and entertainment, shopping, and health and wellness offers. If you see an offer you like, you'll need to add the offer to your account and make an eligible purchase. For cash back earnings, you'll get a statement credit.

Amex Offers

American Express has an offer program called Amex Offers. You'll find cash back opportunities and bonus rewards offers. You can view and activate offers through the Amex website or mobile app. Some deals are available for both in-store and online purchases, but some are only for online or in-person spending. Cash back earnings are rewarded as a statement credit.

Bank of America AmeriDeals

The Bank of America AmeriDeals cash back rewards program is available to those with Bank of America debit cards and credit cards. You can browse available offers through the website or mobile app. Once you find an offer that interests you, activate it and use your card to make a purchase. Cash back earnings are automatically added to your account within 30 days.

Don't let your credit card benefits go to waste

Credit cards are a valuable personal finance tool, and they can provide many perks. Ensure you get the most out of your credit cards by using all the available benefits. Credit card offers can help you keep more money in your pocket and earn rewards on your spending.

At the same time, make sure you don't ignore your budget. Spending money on unnecessary purchases to redeem an offer is never a good idea. But if you already planned to spend money with a participating retailer and see an offer that can get you a better deal -- that's a win for your wallet.

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