Sylvester Stallone’s NFT Collection Is One of Hollywood’s Biggest Forays Into the Metaverse

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  • Sylvester Stallone’s groundbreaking NFT project bridges the gap between digital-only value and in-real-life experiences.
  • PlanetSLY is one of Hollywood’s biggest promotions centered around the Metaverse.
  • The Metaverse is the future of fandom and pop culture.

Sylvester Stallone’s new NFT collection could make the Metaverse the best place to enjoy your pop culture fandom.

Sylvester Stallone is a big-time screenplay writer, blockbuster movie star, and now, NFT enthusiast. The Hollywood star of classic movies like “Rocky,” “Rambo,” and more has recently launched into the Metaverse with his own non-fungible token (NFT) project, PlanetSLY. Stallone is one of a few Hollywood stars who is breaking new ground in the currently nebulous digital space. The more mainstream influencers and institutions engage the digital world of the Metaverse, the more credible and valuable NFTs become.

PlanetSLY seeks to connect two worlds

Throughout the PlanetSLY project, Stallone has kept a hands-on approach to the creation and design of his personal NFTs. This ambitious venture into the NFT space seeks to bridge the gap between digital collectibles and real-world value by offering NFTs as well as in-real-life experiences, like a gala dinner with Stallone in Miami. This project celebrates Stallone’s career in a fresh and exciting way, giving fans who aren’t convinced about NFTs an enticing incentive to get invested in them.

SLYguy holders will be given further opportunities to acquire exclusive merchandise. This further incentivizes fans to pick one up. The chance to snag one of these rare tokens during the pre-sale is also very exclusive. Fans must post on social media expressing their fandom for Stallone. Only those who receive an invitation to the pre-sale will be able to participate. Just under 10,000 NFTs will be released on the Ethereum Blockchain, with Stallone offering to autograph only 25 select tokens.

Sly’s impact on the Metaverse

Stallone’s NFT project marks the beginning of a major overlap between the Metaverse and the red carpet. With an instantly recognizable star like Stallone taking the leap into the NFT space, other pop-culture icons might be inspired to do the same. The developing Metaverse could be full of official celebratory artwork and virtual items that pay homage to famous stars and their best works.

With a greater presence from Hollywood in the Metaverse comes many more interesting opportunities. One day, you might be able to meet your favorite stars in exotic locations all from the comfort of your home, or attend the Oscars via the Metaverse. Stallone’s NFT collection is only the beginning of the way that Hollywood’s best and brightest will be able to interact with their fans inside of the Metaverse.

The bottom line

PlanetSLY is the one of the first major forays of a major Hollywood icon into the growing Metaverse. This ambitious NFT project seeks to provide both digital and physical value, which could help transition the concept of the Metaverse into tangible reality. This venture could be the start of an ongoing collaboration between Hollywood and the major Metaverse platforms. Stallone is leading the way for other Hollywood VIPs to engage with their audiences like never before inside of the Metaverse.

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