This Is a Cat's Average Pet Insurance Cost by Age

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  • Pet insurance covers veterinary care costs and emergency surgeries for your cat.
  • Premiums vary based on the type of policy you choose, where you live, the breed, age of your cat, deductible amount, and much more.
  • The average monthly premiums for kittens and 1.5-year-old cats are $24 and for 5.5-year-old cats are close to $28.

What's the average pet insurance premium cost by age for your cat?

There are 45.3 million households that own a cat, the second-most owned pet behind dogs. Freshwater fish come in third with 11.8 million households owning them. Pet ownership has increased by 25% since 1998 and pet health insurance has been increasing at an average annual growth rate of 23.4% over the past 5 years. 

Pet insurance is an insurance policy that helps offset veterinary bills should your cat become sick or injured. Pet insurance can help pay for illness treatment, and cover emergency veterinary costs for your cat. The premiums are based on the breed of your cat, age, your location, and much more. Here is the average pet insurance cost for cats by age.

How much does pet insurance cost for cats?

Pet insurance companies typically offer two types of coverage options: Accident & Illness (A&I) Coverage and Accident-Only (AO) Coverage. A&I policies cover accidents and illnesses such as cancer, infection, and digestive problems. AO policies only cover accidents such as car accidents, foreign body ingestion, lacerations, poisoning, and ligament tears. Here are the average costs for each type of policy. A&I policies cost more since they are comprehensive policies.

Accident and Illness average premiums

  • Annual: $342.84
  • Monthly $28.57

Accident-Only average premiums

  • Annual: $130.24
  • Monthly $10.85

The average monthly premium cost for cats varies widely based on different factors such as location. Monthly premiums can be as high as $31.97 in California and as low as $19.35 in Wyoming. 

Pet insurance cost by age

Pet insurance costs for younger cats are typically lower than older cats. Older cats are more likely to need expensive veterinary care and younger cats tend to be healthier. Insurance premiums for cats are cheaper than dogs.

  • Average premium for 6-month-old kitten: $23.69
  • Average premium for 18-month-old cat: $23.68
  • Average premium for 5.5-year-old cat: $27.98

Average premiums for a 5.5-year-old cat also vary widely based on location. Monthly premiums can be as high as $35.80 in California and as low as $21.60 in Wyoming. Pet insurance premiums for your cat are also based on the type of coverage you choose, the deductible you choose, and the breed of your cat. Certain breeds like Siamese cats tend to suffer from various types of illness, and as a result, the premiums are more expensive. 

Getting a pet insurance policy can give us peace of mind since cat hospitalizations can cost $800 to $1,500 per night. The best pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars a year if your cat requires emergency treatment. Shop around to find the best pet coverage for your cat. Many insurers offer multiple discounts that you may qualify for. Choosing a lower reimbursement rate and a higher deductible can also lower the cost of your insurance premiums.

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