2 Sneaky Ways DoorDash Forces You to Pay Extra

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  • Delivery apps like DoorDash are convenient, but that convenience comes at a cost.
  • Some apps use sneaky tactics like displaying higher menu prices, which could result in you paying more for your next order.

Your next food delivery order may cost more than you planned.

Delivery apps add convenience to our lives. While it can be expensive to order takeout, many Americans use delivery app services to get their favorite restaurant dishes delivered to their homes.

Most people know that food delivery typically comes at a higher price because of the convenience. When you use apps like DoorDash, paying delivery fees is the norm.

But delivery app companies have other sneaky ways to get you to hand over extra money. When you factor in all the extra costs, you may be paying way more than you would if you picked up the same meal directly from your favorite restaurant.

1. The food itself may cost more

Your favorite delivery apps may be charging more than you realize.

One way they do this is by listing menu items at a higher price. The price you see on a local eatery's restaurant menu may not match the price you see in your delivery app of choice. Restaurants pay commission fees to be listed in apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Many restaurants display in-app menu items at a higher price than usual to compensate for these fees. Food items may be priced as little as a few cents more, while other items may be priced much higher.

If you order delivery frequently through apps, these extra charges can add up over time and negatively impact your bank account balance.

It's a good idea to review a restaurant's actual menu and food prices before placing an order through a delivery app to ensure that the price you're about to pay is fair.

2. You may be charged delivery fees when you think delivery is free

But that isn't the only way delivery apps take more of your hard-earned money. You may be paying delivery charges, even when you think you're eligible for free delivery.

As an example, DoorDash has a paid subscription called DashPass. Members can take advantage of $0 delivery fees on qualifying orders.

However, not all restaurants shown in the app qualify for free delivery. That means your membership won't give you free delivery all the time.

If you're not paying attention while placing your order within the app, you may pay delivery fees when you expect delivery to be free.

If you have a DashPass subscription or a similar subscription through another delivery app, keep this in mind the next time you place an order, so you don't pay more than you expect.

Stick to a delivery and takeout budget

If you want to enjoy the convenience of delivery but don't want to risk spending more than you can afford, it's a good idea to set and follow a delivery and takeout budget.

Decide how much money you feel comfortable spending each week or month, and keep that in mind when you're in the mood to order takeout. While limiting your takeout spending may take some getting used to, it'll get easier with time.

If you're new to budgeting, don't be afraid to start. The best budgeting apps simplify the process, allowing you to budget and track your spending directly from your phone.

Check out these personal finance resources for other tips that may help you improve your financial situation.

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