3 Little-Known Perks of a GoPuff Subscription

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  • GoPuff offers great new subscriber perks.
  • Check out GoPuff to get a generous sign-up bonus, a nifty loyalty program, and zero fees.

I'm surprised more folks aren't talking about this.

It's the cotton-candy blue delivery service: GoPuff. Known for quick deliveries, this Amazon competitor contains more than meets the eye. Beneath the minimal interface simmers a trio of nifty perks exclusive to GoPuff subscribers.

They call the service "Fam Membership." I subscribed a few months before writing this article and was pleasantly surprised. The brand is casual. Lighthearted. Like the service, the interface is simple and clean.

It's not for everyone. Shoppers who want in-depth descriptions of products might prefer Amazon's infinite-scroll product pages. And I can think of a few more reasons why some shoppers should avoid the GoPuff delivery app.

But there are three little-known perks of a GoPuff subscription that make it worth a try: the generous sign-up bonus, the loyalty program, and lack of fees.

1. Sign-up bonus

Shoppers looking for last-minute delivery during the chaos that is Aunt Marge's Christmas Bonanza party want their booze, and they want it fast. But signing up for a $7.99/month subscription is a commitment. You need a good reason to take that extra step.

Shoppers should consider GoPuff for its generous sign-up bonus. The app offers customers $10 off their first three orders as well as free delivery. To snag the bonus, folks must sign up for the free two-week trial -- it's on them to remember to cancel if they dislike the service.

Some of the best budgeting apps can keep track of your subscriptions for you.

Keep in mind that GoPuff has an annoying $12.95 order minimum. Even with discounts galore, you will be spending money. This makes the sign-up bonus ideal for purchases in the $25+ range. (Think alcohol or bulk purchases.)

2. Loyalty program

Sure as the sun rises, so will delivery apps add loyalty programs. Shoppers on GoPuff get Puff Points on every purchase. I like to spend points on rewards like (1) weeks-long 10-20% percentage discounts and (2) single-order discounts of up to $20. 

Subscribers get double points on each purchase. They rack up fairly quickly in the beginning. It's a neat idea that probably saves me cash -- so long as I don't make the mistake of making purchases I don't need to "maximize savings."

Surprisingly, GoPuff awards points just for checking in and playing "Spin the Wheel." Most days, I don't remember to check in, but committed discounters can rack up points fast without spending money.

3. Zero fees

GoPuff beats the DoorDash fee structure. It's simpler and intuitive. There are two fees: a $2.95 delivery fee and a $2.95 fee for deliveries that include alcohol, tobacco, or vaping products. The second fee covers the cost of checking customers' I.D.

Subscribers pay neither fee -- although the $12.95 order minimum still applies. It's a refreshing alternative to complicated fee structures pioneered by delivery apps like DoorDash and UberEats. As far as I can tell, prices on the app are consistent with the costs of in-store products.

Some folks with Chase cards get $10 monthly credits to buy whatever they want on GoPuff. You should check this out if you have a Chase credit card.

If you're considering teeing up a same-hour delivery app for frantic holiday shopping, GoPuff is a strong contender. They sell everything from snacks to alcohol to batteries. Most importantly, they make it affordable for new users to give it a spin. 

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