3 'Luxuries' That Have Improved My Life -- and Are Worth the Cost

A person on an exercise bike in their living room at home.

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Spending some of your money on unnecessary purchases may be worthwhile.

Key points

  • Some unnecessary expenses may be well worth the cost.
  • Paying for expenses like house cleaning and prepared meals have improved my life.

When I spend my money on extra expenses, I try to think through my decision to ensure my purchase will provide value, make me happy, or improve my life. I've learned that spending money on purchases that make my life better can be beneficial, even if those expenses cost extra money. While some expenses are considered unnecessary, I value them. Here are some "luxuries" that have improved my life and are well worth the cost.

Peloton bike

During the pandemic, I purchased a Peloton bike. I had previously been taking in-person exercise classes several days a week. After some time away from these classes, I realized how important exercise was for my mental and physical health. I knew that I needed to find a way to bring exercise back into my weekly routine.

However, I wasn't comfortable committing to in-person fitness classes yet. I considered several options but decided to go with the Peloton because I always enjoyed spinning classes, and I had a couple of friends who liked their bikes.

I knew that buying a bike would be a commitment, but I saw it as a commitment to my health. It also made lockdown more bearable as it gave me something to look forward to doing outside of my work responsibilities.

Peloton partners with Affirm, a buy now, pay later payment company that offers 0% interest on select purchases. This helped make purchasing my brand-new bike more affordable. If this financial tool hadn't been available to me, I could have also considered getting a 0% interest credit card to more affordably cover the cost of this big purchase.

If exercise improves your mental or physical well-being, it may be a worthwhile investment to keep in your budget. Whether you choose to invest in a monthly fitness center membership, take online classes, or purchase exercise equipment to use at home, this type of expense can improve your life.

House cleaning services

Earlier this year, I decided to hire a professional to help with house cleaning duties. We now have someone come to our home to help out once a month.

With a busy life and many responsibilities outside of work, we previously neglected duties around the house. When we let our home get messy, it impacts our mood, creates more stress, and impacts our relationship.

This is an investment that is well worth the cost and continues to be part of our monthly budget. It's now easier for us to keep up on smaller cleaning tasks each week, and we enjoy spending time at home more.

Prepared meals

I also see the benefit in investing in prepared meals. When life gets busy, we put off cooking and preparing meals. That usually leads to us making unhealthy takeout or delivery purchases. While I don't mind getting takeout sometimes, it's not a good day-to-day option.

I've found several places in our local community that offer prepared meals, including healthier meal options. When we have busy weeks, we order from these companies. I'm less likely to skip meals by investing in prepared meals, and I save time because I spend less time cooking.

I recognized that everyone's financial situation is different. While some may be able to spend money on luxuries or other unnecessary expenses, not everyone has the privilege to do so. My point in writing this piece is to remind you and myself that it's okay to spend money on purchases that improve your life. If you feel comfortable spending a bit of money on an expense that brings you happiness or makes your life better, go for it. Investing in yourself, your relationships, and your personal and physical health is beneficial for you and those around you.

If you're searching for ways to improve your finances, save money for the future, or spend less on everyday expenses, these personal finance resources may be helpful.

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