3 Reasons to Sign Up for Walmart+

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  • Walmart is known for its competitive prices.
  • Walmart+ gives you easy access to a world of low-cost goods -- and so much more.
  • Enjoy savings on shipping, prescriptions, and grocery deliveries with this service.

Here's why the big box giant's new offering could make sense for you.

Over the past couple of years, e-commerce has really taken off. A lot of consumers shifted toward digital purchases during the pandemic, when virus-related fears kept them out of stores. And at this point, shopping online is a convenience a lot of consumers just don't want to give up.

At the same time, living costs have been rising due to inflation. A lot of people need to do what they can to stretch their paychecks and avoid racking up credit card debt just to make ends meet.

Consumers commonly turn to Walmart for its competitive prices on a wide range of inventory. And if you're a Walmart fan who's also gotten into the habit of shopping online, you may want to maintain that habit even if you're no longer worried about the idea of entering a store.

That's where Walmart+ comes in. The service, which is said to rival Amazon Prime, gives you access to the big box giant's full range of inventory and makes it easy to enjoy the discounts you've come to expect from Walmart. Here are three reasons to consider a Walmart+ membership.

1. You get free shipping -- without a minimum order requirement

When you order goods from Walmart.com, you'll generally need to meet a minimum order requirement of $35 to avoid shipping costs. If you're on a budget, that could be a deal breaker.

With Walmart+, you get free shipping on any non-grocery order without having to meet a minimum spending threshold. This is similar to Amazon Prime, where you can order a $3 item if you want and pay nothing to have it show up at your door.

2. You can save money on prescriptions

Healthcare costs can put a serious dent in your budget. One perk of being a Walmart+ member is getting to save money on prescription costs. In fact, you may be eligible to fill select prescriptions for free.

3. You can get your groceries delivered for free

These days, the cost of gas is soaring. The great thing about Walmart+ is that members get free grocery delivery on orders over $35. Even if you live alone, chances are, you can rack up $35 worth of grocery charges to feed yourself. And that way, you don't have to drive to and from the store.

Is Walmart+ right for you?

If you don't tend to shop at Walmart all that frequently, then you may not want to sign up for Walmart+. Similarly, if you're looking for a service that gives you free shipping plus free entertainment, then Amazon Prime may be a better choice due to its vast streaming library, which Walmart+ doesn't offer.

But if you're an avid Walmart shopper, then it could pay to give Walmart+ a try. Right now, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to see if the program works for you. If it does, you'll pay $12.95 a month, or $98 a year. That's less than what you'll spend on an annual Amazon Prime membership. And given the way gas prices have skyrocketed, it could be worth it to spend $98 a year if doing so eliminates multiple trips to the store each week -- and helps you fill up your car less often.

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