3 Simple Ways for Target Fans to Pocket Some Savings

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  • Target is a shopping destination for many consumers, but not everyone knows how to pocket the most savings.
  • If you tend to shop there often, applying for the right savings program and seeking out deals could result in big savings.

Get ready to reap savings -- without breaking a sweat.

There's a reason Target is such a popular shopping destination. Not only is it known for its competitive price points, but it's constantly expanding its product line to offer more in the way of apparel, beauty products, toys, and household goods.

And then there's the Target snack aisle. It's hard to walk in for granola bars only and not be tempted to scoop up some trail mix or candy along the way.

If you shop at Target frequently, you may fall victim to overspending from time to time (or, ahem, every time). But if you play your cards right, you can actually start saving more money in the course of your Target purchases.

1. Use the RedCard program

Target's RedCard program gives you the choice between a credit card and a debit card. Both options offer 5% off of your purchases at Target stores and online at Target.com. And neither card imposes an annual fee, so there's really no downside to applying. (That said, if you're about to apply for a large loan, like a mortgage, you may want to hold off on applying for the Target Red Card, or any other credit card, for that matter, until you get your approval).

If you shop at Target frequently, it pays to sign up for this program. While you may have another credit card that rewards you generously, that 5% savings via the Target Red Card is pretty hard to beat.

Plus, with the Target Red Card, you get other perks that could save you money, like an additional 30 days to return or exchange Target purchases. You can also enjoy free two-day shipping on most Target purchases -- something other services, like Amazon Prime, make you pay for.

2. Look at the weekly deals

Target puts out a list of weekly deals, so it pays to check out your mailer or visit Target.com to see what's on sale. If there's an item you're looking to buy, snagging it at a discount makes sense.

That said, you shouldn't add items to your shopping list just because they're on sale, because that won't actually save you money. Rather, you should take the opposite approach -- keep a list of the non-urgent items you want and then scope out sales so you can purchase them at the right time.

3. Don't shop with a credit card at all

The great thing about credit cards is that they often reward you for the purchases you're making. But they can also lend to overspending -- especially at a store like Target, where there's just such a wide range of products at appealing price points. If you make a Target shopping list before hitting the store and bring only enough cash to cover those anticipated purchases, you'll take the option to overspend off the table, thereby saving yourself some money.

Many people rely on Target as a source of both essential items as well as gifts and splurges. Use these tips to save money the next time you shop at Target -- and free up more wiggle room in your budget.

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