5 Summer Jobs You Can Turn Into Year-Round Side Hustles

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  • It's a good idea to work during the summer and boost your earnings.
  • You may be able to carry your work with you into the school year.

There's no reason to let your income stream dry up.

Some students prefer to take their summers off. And after working hard during the academic year, that makes sense. But if you held down a job this summer, you may have improved your financial situation tremendously -- especially if you earned enough money to pay down some debt or grow your savings.

Now that summer is winding down, you may be resigned to giving up your job and the income that goes with it. But here are a few summer jobs you might manage to hold year-round on a part-time basis.

1. Tutoring

You may have been hired to help some students catch up academically over the summer. But those students might continue to need help during the school year. And if you let it be known that you can make yourself available in between classes, you might manage to snag a nice income stream during the year.

Keep in mind that tutoring is something you can pull off even if you're headed to college in another part of the country. If people can work remotely, they can also learn remotely, especially in a one-on-one setting.

2. Working retail

Got a job at the mall this summer, or at a local shop? If you're staying in town for school, why not see if you can continue working some shifts? You may have to cut your hours to accommodate your learning schedule, but it's an option worth considering if you want to continue earning money.

3. Serving at a restaurant

Restaurant work can be physically demanding. But once your studies resume, you may not mind a job that gets you moving so you can get a break from sitting hunched over in a library chair. Plus, if you tell customers you serve that you're working to support yourself during your studies, they may be inclined to be more generous when it comes to tipping.

4. Caring for pets

Love animals? There's no need to give up a pet care gig just because school's starting up. If you're staying local, you can continue offering your services to your existing clients. And if you're leaving town, you can advertise that you're in the pet care business once you get to school. You may find that some professors in your school with full-day schedules need someone to go in and look after their pets while they're away.

5. Lifeguarding

You may have spent your summer working as a lifeguard at a local beach or pool. But even if the weather is cooling, you might still manage to hold down a similar gig. If you have a local health club with a pool, for example, they may want a lifeguard for safety or insurance reasons, so it's worth seeing what options you have.

Working during the summer may have done great things for your finances. But don't assume that that income stream has to come to an end. Instead, explore your options for continuing that gig on the side -- and enjoying the money it pays you.

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