Aldi Is Selling Thanksgiving Essentials at 2019 Prices

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  • Thanksgiving is near, so now is the time to buy the ingredients you need for your holiday feast.
  • Aldi's Thanksgiving Price rewind could help you keep more money in your pocket.
  • This promotion runs Nov. 2 through Nov. 29, so be sure to check out your local Aldi to score some deals.

By paying 2019 prices for your holiday meal essentials, you can save up to 30%.

If you haven't started shopping for essentials for your Turkey Day feast, you're in luck! You can plan to shop at your local Aldi store to save big on Thanksgiving ingredients. The affordable retailer is doing a Thanksgiving Price Rewind and will sell holiday favorites at 2019 prices, despite inflation. Doing your shopping at Aldi could result in significant savings.

Higher food prices impact your wallet

It's no secret that grocery store prices have been on the rise. Whether you shop at your local grocery store chain or prefer to shop at budget-friendly stores, food now costs more. It's impossible to avoid rising prices, and for many people, it's become much harder to stick to their budget.

But those who have yet to do their Thanksgiving dinner shopping can have a more affordable meal if they do their shopping at the right store. Aldi wants to make it cheaper for you to enjoy a holiday meal, so don't miss out on the opportunity to keep more money in your bank account.

Introducing Aldi's Thanksgiving Price Rewind

From Nov. 2 through Nov. 29, Aldi customers can shop Thanksgiving Price Rewind deals. This holiday promotion is an excellent way to get financial relief during a difficult time. Select holiday food and drink essentials will be available at 2019 prices, with discounts of up to 30%.

While cruising the aisles, look for Thanksgiving Price Rewind icons to find discounted items. Examples of qualifying products include cornbread stuffing, brown-and-serve rolls, brie cheese, prosciutto, and apple pie. While not all Turkey Day essentials will be discounted, you can use Alid's weekly flier to plan your shopping list and find other affordable deals.

If you have yet to stop up on holiday meal essentials, you may want to plan to shop at Aldi. Hopefully, money-saving deals like this will help more people put a delicious Thanksgiving meal on the table, regardless of their current financial struggles.

Don't let money woes ruin your holiday

You're not alone if you feel uneasy about your financial situation this holiday season. Many families are changing how they celebrate the holidays to save money.

A Personal Capital study found that 1 in 4 Americans plan to skip Thanksgiving dinner. The same study found that 34% of Americans will have a smaller holiday meal to cut costs.

Changing your holiday routine is okay, and it could make your celebrations more affordable. Here are a few ways to trim your spending without missing out on a fun holiday meal:

Host a potluck dinner: If you're hosting dinner this year, ask your family members to contribute. If your guests bring side dishes, appetizers, and drinks, that can trim your spending and makes less work for everyone.

Simplify your meal: Your holiday meal doesn't have to be elaborate. Don't be afraid to streamline some dishes to make for a more affordable, simple dinner. It'll save you time and money.

Plan a non-traditional meal: No rule says you have to serve turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing for Thanksgiving. Those foods are great, but there are other delicious options. For example, why not host a brunch celebration instead? It may become your new preferred way to celebrate the holiday and you can plan a budget-friendly menu.

You don't have to give up on your personal finance goals this holiday season. Nor do you have to forgo celebrating all together. Get creative and take advantage of opportunities to save money as you buy your holiday essentials and plan your gatherings.

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