Amazon Will Charge Some Customers a Fee for UPS Store Returns

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What happened

Amazon will now charge some shoppers who make returns at UPS stores. Customers who have free drop-off locations nearby their delivery address will be charged a $1 fee if they make a return by dropping their package at UPS. While this change won't impact all customers, it will affect some shoppers who usually drop off their returns at UPS stores.

So what

Amazon has previously advertised that it offers free returns for most items fulfilled by Amazon within 30 days of delivery for items delivered within the U.S. But the online retailer has a new policy that will impact some customers' wallets.

Shoppers will be charged a $1 fee if they return their packages to a UPS store when they have a Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh grocery store, or Kohl's in their area. This fee will not apply to customers who don't have these retailers near their delivery address. While $1 may not sound like a lot, these fees can add up quickly if you make frequent returns. For others, the $1 charge may not be a big deal, especially for Amazon Prime members who capitalize on other perks.

As reported by CNN, an Amazon spokesperson noted that the fee will only apply to a small number of customers. The retailer will continue to offer free returns to customers who utilize free drop-off return methods. Amazon customers should be aware of this news because it could negatively impact their personal finances.

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Now what

The good news is there are still several ways to return eligible Amazon products at no extra cost. However, if a free drop-off location isn't convenient for you, paying the $1 fee may be worthwhile if you don't want to waste money on gas or drive further to make a fee-free return.

At the time of writing, Amazon has yet to outline specific details about this return fee on its website, including whether certain purchases are excluded. Amazon shoppers who make frequent returns should keep updated on policy changes like this to avoid surprise charges.

You can drop off returns for free at Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh grocery stores, and Kohl's locations. To start a return, log in to your Amazon account and choose an eligible time under "Your Orders." Amazon will present you with all return options, including free drop-off options so you can choose a return method that works best for you.

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