Here's How Students Can Enjoy Amazon Prime for Less

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  • The cost of Amazon Prime is $119 a year, but it's rising to $139.
  • If you're a student, you can enjoy the benefits of a Prime membership at a lower price point.

Being a student could work to your advantage when it comes to Amazon.

One of the benefits of being a student is enjoying a host of discounts. But one of the drawbacks is being perpetually cash-strapped.

Though some students are able to hold down a job during their studies, others can't manage that. Either way, money may be tight when you're a student, to the point where you have to count every dollar you spend and rely on credit cards to make ends meet.

If you're a student, you no doubt understand the importance of being careful with your money. And if you've been itching to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime, here's some good news -- you now have an opportunity to do so at a fraction of the cost of a regular membership.

Is Amazon Prime Student right for you?

Many people are familiar with Amazon Prime. It's a program that gives you access to unlimited free two-day shipping, plus a host of other perks, from free music, movies, and TV content to no-cost book access.

The problem with Amazon Prime, however, is that it can be expensive. Currently, the program costs $119 a year, but that fee is rising very soon to $139 a year. And if you're a student, that may not fit into your budget.

That's where Amazon Prime Student comes in. It offers the same benefits as Amazon Prime, only at a much lower price.

Right now, Prime Student is free for your first six months. After that, it costs $6.49 a month. Compare that to the $11.58 a month you'll pay for regular Prime when you break that annual $139 fee into 12 months, and it's easy to see why Prime Student is so appealing.

Some of the top perks you might enjoy as a Prime Student member include:

  • Free one-day delivery on select items
  • Free same-day delivery in certain markets
  • Free two-hour grocery delivery in some cities

Plus, you'll get access to free music, TV, and movies -- and at a price that's less than what you'll pay for most streaming services.

Should you sign up for Amazon Prime Student?

Prime Student could be a good bet for you if you don't have your own vehicle, or if you go to college in a remote area where your nearest supermarket or big-box store is a far drive from where you live. That said, if you don't think you'll benefit much from having a Prime membership, then there's no sense in spending money on it. But you may find that your membership not only makes shopping more convenient, but also saves you money given Amazon's competitive pricing.

Remember, too, that if you share a home with a bunch of fellow students, you could split a Prime Student membership, making the cost even more affordable. And finally, you can always sign up for Prime Student, try it out for free for a bunch of months, and then cancel if it doesn't prove itself to be worth your money.

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