Here's How to Get 16 Free HelloFresh Meals

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  • Many people save time in the kitchen by using meal kit services.
  • Right now, one popular service is offering a nice discount.

That's a really good deal.

Even if you're a good cook and enjoy trying out new recipes in the kitchen, there may come a point when you need a break or you need to free up time in your schedule. That's where meal kit services like HelloFresh come in. 

Right now, HelloFresh has a great promotion going that effectively allows you to enjoy 16 meals for free. So if you've been toying with the idea of signing up, you may want to do so in June, while this promotion is still valid.

How HelloFresh works

Some people assume that services like HelloFresh send you meals that you simply stick in the microwave and reheat. But that's not the case. 

With HelloFresh, you're sent ingredients and recipes you'll need to follow to whip up meals in your kitchen. If you're looking for an easier way out, there are some meal delivery services that let you simply heat and eat, but HelloFresh isn't one of them.

HelloFresh also allows you to choose the number of meals you want each week. And, you can choose from different recipes so if you have dietary constraints, you can work around them.

Now like many meal kit services, the cost per serving at HelloFresh hinges on the number of meals you order. The more meals you get, the lower your cost per serving is.

Right now, HelloFresh is offering a promotion that, when you run the numbers, equals 16 free meals. But to be clear, you can't just order 16 meals and pay nothing. Rather, that savings is applied in the form of discounts on your first six orders. 

Under this promotion, your first delivery will be eligible for $50 off. Your next delivery will be eligible for $31 off, and your third will get $19 off. From there, your subsequent three deliveries will each be eligible for $18 off. So all told, you're getting that savings, but over time, and not directly, because you still have to purchase meals to get the equivalent of 16 free meals. 

But if you've been looking to try out HelloFresh, you might as well do so while the service is running a promotion. That way, you can see what it's all about while keeping your credit card tab to a minimum.

Can HelloFresh save you money?

On its website, HelloFresh claims it can save you about $53 per month when you compare the cost of your meals to that of buying groceries online. But not everyone purchases groceries online, and hitting the store could be a lot cheaper, especially if you do a good job of seeking out sales and buying strategically in bulk

As such, HelloFresh may not save you money compared to your supermarket costs. But is it cheaper than ordering takeout multiple nights? For the most part, yes, especially when you have a promotion like the aforementioned one at play. 

Plus, ordering from HelloFresh generally means enjoying a healthier meal than what you might order from your local restaurant. And that's reason enough to consider falling back on HelloFresh when you're looking to cut back on the time you're spending at the store and in the kitchen.

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