How to Build Your Savings With Part-Time Remote Work

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It's not just how much you earn that matters; it's also how you use the money you make.

It used to be that a company in Dallas or Detroit only had access to talent in that local area. Today, due to remote working, companies can find the best candidates for the job no matter where those people live.

If you're looking to build (or rebuild) your savings account, taking on a part-time remote job may be just the thing you need. Here's a look at the ways you can use your new income source to tuck more money away.

Automate the process

When it comes to building a savings account, here are three big tips:

  1. Decide how much you can put away from each paycheck, and be consistent. The easiest way to do this is automatic deposit. Most banks allow you to automatically have part of your paycheck transferred to savings as soon as your paycheck hits your account.
  2. Create a monthly budget that does not include money earmarked for savings. Let's say you bring home $1,200 through your part-time job, and want $600 of it to go into savings. As you budget to pay bills, imagine that $600 is unavailable to you.
  3. Don't over-celebrate. A funny thing happens to most of us when we get a new job, particularly if we haven't had one in a while. It feels so good to have income that we're tempted to do things like eat out more, buy new clothes, or take a trip. While it's fine to do anything you can afford based on the money you've budgeted for everyday living, do not celebrate using funds intended to build your savings.

A two-pronged approach

As you build your savings account, also look for ways to cut down on your cost of living. Here are simple ways to increase the amount you have available to save each month:

Turn off auto-renewals

When you subscribe to a premium television channel, quarterly box of grooming products, or any other "I don't need it to live" luxury, it may be set up to automatically renew. Go through all your subscriptions and make sure auto-renewal is turned off. That way, you'll have a chance to examine the state of your finances before deciding whether you want to keep the service.

Learn to love generics

It's unlikely that you will love all the generic products out there, but give them a chance. Many of us have found that we like the generic version of iced coffee, corn chips, or cream of mushroom soup better than brand names. Picking up the generics you like can score you a few extra dollars each month.


A little at a time, go through your house, figure out what you don't use, and sell it. It turns out that the old adage about one man's trash being another man's treasure is often pretty accurate.

Jettison bottled water

Unless you live somewhere like St. Louis, Missouri, where the tap water tastes like magic, you may be accustomed to picking up bottled water when you're at the store. Why not put an inexpensive filter on your kitchen sink (Brita offers one for around $20) and fill a reusable water bottle every day? You can save money and help cut down on plastic waste at the same time.

Review your insurance

If you've had the same auto insurance or homeowners insurance for years, you may be spending more than necessary. Once a year, review your coverage and check other insurers to see if they can beat your current rates.

A tip for staying on track

As you find ways to cut back and commit to saving a specific amount each month, keep your eye on your account. There's nothing quite like watching the balance increase to keep you encouraged.

Add these simple savings techniques to the income you earn from your new part-time remote job, and you'll be well on your way to building your savings account balance.

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