Millions Will Get Free Food Delivery in 2022. Are You One of Them?

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  • With this new Amazon Prime membership perk, members who frequently order takeout could save money. 
  • Eligible members can score fee-free food delivery when ordering through Grubhub. 

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you could score $0 food delivery fees for one year. 

Americans love to dine out and order takeout. Our research found that the average U.S. household spends $2,375 yearly on dining and takeout costs. Wow!

While takeout and delivery can be convenient, delivery apps typically charge delivery fees. Luckily, millions of people will get free food delivery this year. Find out if you're eligible to see if you can save money on takeout and delivery costs. 

Amazon recently announced a new perk available to Prime members. The brand's partnership with Grubhub gives Prime members a free year of Grubhub+. 

If you invest in an Amazon Prime membership and frequently order food delivery, this perk could help you keep more money in your bank account. 

What exactly is Grubhub+? It's a membership that gives members access to $0 delivery fees on Grubhub orders. Orders over $12 from eligible restaurants and eateries qualify for no-fee delivery. Since delivery fees can be pricey, this is a nice perk. 

This food delivery membership usually costs $9.99 per month. However, Amazon Prime members can enjoy a year membership for free. Once the free year is up, you'll be billed at the standard monthly rate unless you cancel your membership. 

Are you forgetful like me? Be sure to mark the free membership end date on your calendar if you want to take advantage of the membership freebie and don't want to get billed.  

Is an Amazon Prime membership worth the cost? 

You won't be eligible for this freebie if you're not yet an Amazon Prime member. 

But you could join to score $0 delivery fees. Keep in mind an Amazon Prime membership comes with a $139 yearly price tag

The above no-fee delivery perk and other benefits offered to members could make the annual membership well worth the cost. But you'll need to consider your personal shopping habits and budget to decide if you want to invest in a membership. 

It's also a good idea to determine if you'll use the benefits offered. 

Here are some benefits you can expect as an Amazon Prime member: 

  • Get free two-day shipping on eligible purchases 
  • Score members-only discounts 
  • Take advantage of unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photos 
  • Save 10% when shopping in-store at Whole Foods
  • Access free entertainment through services like Amazon Prime Music and Prime Video 

Plus, you reduce your trips to the store by doing more shopping online. With so many perks, it's easy to see why the average Amazon Prime member spends $1,400 annually. 

How to reduce your takeout spending

If you're a big takeout and delivery fan, you may be looking to spend less money. If you're willing to make some changes and develop new habits, you could better stick to your budget. 

Here are a few ways to save money when ordering takeout: 

  • Pick up your order: Order from eateries in your local community instead of getting delivery. By picking up your order, you can eliminate delivery fees. 
  • Order off the lunch menu: Many restaurants offer lunch menus during select hours, and often, the prices are lower. 
  • Put your rewards credit card perks to use: Some restaurant credit cards offer monthly delivery app credits as a card perk, and credits could lower your takeout bill. 
  • Set spending limits: If you're breaking your budget, consider setting monthly spending limits or consider ordering takeout less often to honor your financial goals. 

If you're an Amazon Prime member, don't miss out on this new perk that could eliminate delivery fees when ordering food through Grubhub.

Check out our personal finance resources if you want to learn more ways to save money. 

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