MoviePass Is Coming Back. Could We Get Cheap Unlimited Movie Tickets Again?

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  • A MoviePass membership once made it possible to watch an unlimited number of movies in theaters for a low price.
  • MoviePass plans to relaunch in 2022 -- and a new take on the brand could make movie-watching affordable again.

Will we be able to watch unlimited movies at theaters when MoviePass relaunches?

If you're a movie fan, you may have had a MoviePass subscription in the past. Subscribers paid a small monthly or yearly fee so they could watch an unlimited number of movies in the theater. But the business didn't last long. In September 2019, the company shut down, and unlimited movie theater tickets became a thing of the past.

Lately, there's been talk of MoviePass making a comeback. Could we get cheap unlimited movie tickets again soon? Maybe not. But a new approach to the service could be attractive to moviegoers and could be more profitable for the brand and advertisers.

MoviePass made movie nights more affordable

Unless you go to the movie theater on discount days or see a matinee show, it can be pricey to watch the latest blockbuster in theaters. This is especially true if you also spend money at the concession stand.

A few years back, MoviePass made it more affordable for everyday people to see the latest flicks. You could become a MoviePass subscriber and see one movie every day for around $10 per month -- which was about the same cost as one movie ticket.

While the membership was great in theory and offered frequent moviegoers a way to save money, the company didn't last long. MoviePass shut down in September 2019 because it wasn't a profitable business plan.

Unlike other membership-based services that many consumers pay for and forget about, MoviePass was popular, and members used it often. After all, watching a two-hour movie several times a week is a lot more fun than showing up to the gym for a workout, right?

MoviePass will relaunch in 2022

The former founder and CEO of MoviePass, Stacy Spikes, bought the company out of bankruptcy with hopes of bringing the brand back to life. But it won't be the same business as before, and a membership won't offer unlimited movie tickets. The relaunched MoviePass system will operate on tradable credits that roll over month to month.

Spikes currently runs a gaming company called PreShow and hopes to bring some of its features to MoviePass. PreShow allows users to unlock in-game currency for free by watching ads. The platform features technology that checks to ensure users actively watch the ads.

Similarly, when MoviePass relaunches, the platform will let users buy, sell, and trade movie-watching credits. Members will also be able to earn credits by watching ads. Matinee showings will cost fewer credits, while in-demand movies and popular showtimes will cost more.

While MoviePass no longer promises an unlimited movie ticket subscription, the company will offer a fun and interesting way for users to buy and earn tickets to the latest movies.

Spikes plans to launch the new MoviePass to beta users this summer. Hopefully, later in 2022, the service will be available to the public.

Would you watch ads to earn free movie tickets?

Will the new MoviePass appeal to consumers and advertisers alike? We'll have to wait and see, but watching ads to earn a free movie ticket or two could be a great way to make your next date night more affordable.

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