Planning Your Honeymoon? Here's How Much You Need to Save

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  • The average cost of a honeymoon is $4,600, according to The Knot.
  • It's best to pay for your honeymoon from your savings to avoid going into debt.
  • Other ways to pay for a honeymoon include credit cards, loans, or a honeymoon fund on your wedding registry.

Here's how much to budget for that post-wedding vacay.

For many couples, the honeymoon is the best part of the entire wedding experience. Your first vacation as a married couple is always a special experience, and it's especially nice to relax after so much time getting ready for your big day.

To avoid stress about money, it's a good idea to have a honeymoon budget. Whether you're wedding planning right now, or you want to know for later down the road, here's how much to save for a honeymoon.

How much the average honeymoon costs

The average honeymoon costs $4,600, according to a study by The Knot. It surveyed over 15,000 couples who got married in 2021 about their weddings and honeymoons.

Since that's an average, it's worth mentioning that honeymoon costs vary quite a bit based on several factors. Where you go, when, and how long you stay will all play a big role in how much money you need. Among the couples surveyed by The Knot, about 10% spend over $10,000 on a honeymoon, while 20% go with a smaller mini-moon.

To make it simple, if you think your honeymoon will be similar to those of other couples you know, then $4,600 is a good savings target. It's a safe number that should put you in position to book a honeymoon you enjoy.

However, if you think you're going to spend much more or less than average, it's a different story. In that case, start researching costs for what you want to book so you can adjust your goal accordingly. If you know you want a luxurious honeymoon, then $4,600 may not be enough. And if you'd prefer something smaller, saving that much probably isn't necessary.

How to pay for your honeymoon

The best way to pay for your honeymoon is from your savings. That's what 60% of couples surveyed did, and it certainly helps when you can go into marriage without adding any unnecessary debt.

Saving up thousands of dollars isn't something most of us can do overnight. But if you and your significant other both commit to saving every month, you could have a sizable honeymoon fund by your wedding day.

Let's say you're aiming to save that $4,600 for your honeymoon. Here's what you could do -- first, set up a bank account specifically for honeymoon savings. High-yield savings accounts are the best option for this, since they keep your money safe and also offer high interest rates. Next, you and your partner can decide how much you each want to transfer to the account per month.

With two people chipping in, that honeymoon fund can grow quickly. You could have $4,600 saved in 12 months, with each of you depositing less than $200 per month.

Other ways to fund your getaway

If you can't save enough for the honeymoon you want, there are a few other options. You could include a honeymoon fund on your wedding registry. Your guests can then send you money for your honeymoon instead of a gift. The Knot found that 27% of couples did this in 2019.

One way to make this a little more special is to have specific honeymoon-related items guests can buy for you. For example, your registry could include meals on your trip, a couple's massage at the place you're staying, and so on. This adds more of a personal touch for the gift giver.

Credit cards and personal loans are also ways to pay for a honeymoon. I'd recommend looking at 0% APR credit cards first. These credit cards have a 0% intro APR on purchases, which means as long as the intro period lasts, you don't get charged interest. For example, if a credit card has a 0% intro APR on purchases for 15 months, you could charge your honeymoon expenses to it and have over a year to pay them off.

Personal loans, which are sometimes referred to as wedding loans when used for wedding expenses, are another way to borrow. And couples who need to get a wedding loan soon may be in luck, as personal loan rates dropped more than 10% recently.

You also always have the option of going on a honeymoon that fits your current budget, or waiting to do it after you've saved more. Even though it's traditional to go shortly after getting married, lots of couples wait. Remember, it's your trip, and you can go whenever works best for you as a couple.

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