Residents in This State Can Expect $300 Direct Payments by May 31

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  • Delaware residents will be getting $300 direct payments.  
  • Checks are planned to go out May 31, 2022 to residents who already filed a 2020 state income tax return. 

If you're a Delaware resident who filed a 2020 tax return, a check may be coming to your mailbox later this month. 

While federal stimulus payments are no more, some states are finding ways to provide financial support to their residents. Most U.S. households feel the impact of inflation, and extra money can help cover rising bills. If you live in Delaware, financial relief may be coming your way later this month. Find out what you need to know. 

On April 14, 2022, Governor John Carney signed the 2022 Delaware Relief Rebate Program into law. This program will bring economic relief to residents through one-time $300 checks. 

If you're a Delaware resident who has already filed a 2020 Delaware state income tax return, you can expect a check in the coming weeks. 

Some Delaware residents will get paid this month 

The state plans to mail out checks by May 31, 2022.  

The checks will be sent to the most recent address on file with the Division of Revenue. 

  • Individuals will relieve a $300 check.
  • Married couples who filed jointly will receive a $600 check.

It's worth noting that residents don't need to be an adult to qualify for relief. If your child filed a 2020 Delaware personal income tax return by the due date, including extensions, whether they were claimed as a dependent by you or not, they're eligible for a $300 rebate check. 

Non-filers won't receive money right away  

Residents who filed their 2020 income tax returns will be the first to receive payments. If you haven't filed your 2020 Delaware state income tax return, you'll be waiting for your money. 

The Department of Finance will provide a way for eligible residents who did not file a 2020 state income tax return to receive a rebate. According to the relief program website, a plan will be developed by October 17, 2022. The state will provide additional details at a later date. 

Inflation causes financial stress

Inflation has led to higher everyday costs. Household essentials, groceries, and gasoline now cost more. While having a budget can be helpful, many households only have so much money to work with, and it may not go very far as bills increase. 

These one-time direct payments will likely help many households better manage their finances. Even a little bit of extra money can make a significant difference as bills pile up. 

If you don't live in Delaware, check to see if your city or state will be providing relief in some way. We've discussed other U.S. states with similar economic relief programs. 

Here are some examples of other programs: 

Additional relief programs may be implemented as other cities and states consider legislation. 

Make sure you take advantage of any available support or assistance. An extra stimulus check payment could help you boost your bank account balance and could make rising prices feel a little less scary.   

Check out these personal finance resources if you're looking for additional money tips.

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