The 40 Best Walmart Deals for Halloween

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  • Bag a great costume for as little as $5. That's the best deal we've found in all the big box and warehouse stores.
  • Decor deals are just as good, with basic supplies coming in at less than a dollar.
  • Candy bargains are abundant, with variety bags offering the best prices.

These deals are all treats and no tricks.

The first holiday in a long season of holidays, Halloween is also the start of what tends to be an expensive quarter. And this year looks to be the most expensive yet, with an anticipated $10.6 billion in Halloween spending. 

Indeed, most folks plan to spend an average of $100 on Halloween supplies. If your personal finances blanch at the idea, you may be looking for ways to save instead.

Hitting the aisles of Walmart could help you do just that. You can find killer deals on costumes, some of the cheapest decor in town, as well as bulk bargains on candy. Keep reading for the top Walmart deals this month.

Halloween costumes starting at $5

Of all the major stores we've researched, Walmart has the most variation in costume prices. You can find some generic basics for as low as $5 each. But when you get into the licensed characters and/or deluxe costumes, be prepared for prices to range all over the place. Be especially careful if you're shopping, as it hosts a lot of third-party sellers. Here are some of the best costume bargains we found sold by Walmart:

  1. Way to Celebrate Kids Halloween Costumes, Assorted Styles -- $5.00 to $19.97
  2. Toddler Officially Licensed Marvel Costumes, Assorted Styles -- $15.00 
  3. Child Officially Licensed Marvel Costumes, Assorted Styles -- $15.00 
  4. Disguise Kids Licensed Character Halloween Costumes, Assorted Styles -- $15.00 to $25.35
  5. Way to Celebrate Adult Halloween Costumes, Assorted Style -- $22.97 to $24.97
  6. Disguise Adult Licensed Character Halloween Costumes, Assorted Styles -- $24.97 to $44.13
  7. Adult Officially Licensed Marvel Costumes, Assorted Styles -- $34.99

Halloween decor starting at $0.98

Walmart is definitely the place to shop if you want to decorate for Halloween without breaking the bank. Score the perfect pieces for your haunted house, as well as spooky accessories for your Halloween party. These are some of our favorite discoveries:

  1. Halloween Pumpkin Paper Garland, 6.6' -- $0.98
  2. Way To Celebrate Mini Treat Pail -- $0.98
  3. Way to Celebrate Spooky Friends Plates, Napkins, Cups -- $0.98 per pack
  4. Way to Celebrate Halloween Plastic Table Cover, Assorted Styles -- $0.98 
  5. Mini Pumpkins, 5 Count Bag -- $3.88
  6. 32-inch Height White Foam Hanging Ghost Outdoor Decor -- $3.98
  7. Striped Witch Leg Yard Stake, Green -- $4.44
  8. Way To Celebrate Halloween Chain Garland, 6' -- $4.98
  9. Halloween Skull Platter, 17" -- $6.43
  10. Way to Celebrate Halloween Bag of Bones -- $11.48
  11. 35 inch Plastic Glow in the Dark Poseable Skeleton -- $14.97
  12. Animated Skeleton Ghost Hanging Decoration, White, 36" -- $20.98
  13. Way To Celebrate Halloween Light Up Dragon Misting Decor -- $30.62
  14. Way to Celebrate Halloween Fog Machine w/ Remote -- $32.48
  15. Climbing Halloween Zombie Decoration for Outdoors -- $34.77

Halloween activities and baking from $1.27

Get everyone into the Halloween mood by baking spooky treats or carving a pumpkin together. Walmart has lots of options for family fun, all at reasonable prices. Start with some of these deals:

  1. Pumpkin Masters Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit, Bare Bones, 2 Pieces -- $1.27
  2. Way To Celebrate Halloween Plastic Pumpkin Pushins -- $3.27 to $4.27
  3. Great Value Monster Eyes Sugar Cookie Kit, 16 oz -- $3.97
  4. Great Value Halloween Cupcake Decorating Kit, Assorted Styles -- $3.97
  5. Great Value Ghost Meringue Baking Mix Kit, 5.18 oz -- $4.98
  6. Carving pumpkin, Assorted Sizes -- $5.68
  7. Great Value Graveyard Brownie Kit, 18 oz -- $5.97
  8. Pumpkin Masters Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit, Carving Party, 22 Pieces -- $6.58
  9. Pumpkin Masters Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit, Masters Collection, 13 Pieces -- $10.98

Candy starting at $4.88

As much as the decor and costumes matter, it's the candy that most kids care about. Get the top brands in all sorts of sizes for a good price at your local Walmart. Pick up the big variety packs for a solid assortment. These are some of your best bets:

  1. Hershey Assortment Snack Size Candy Variety Bag, 30 pc -- $4.88
  2. Hershey Miniatures Assortment Candy Variety Bag, 50 pc -- $4.88
  3. Skittles, Starburst & More Assorted Bulk Candy, 85ct -- $5.78
  4. Brach's Kiddie Mix Assorted Candy, 100ct -- $5.98
  5. Haribo Trick or Treat Mix, 110 ct -- $9.94
  6. Dracula Delight Halloween Candy Variety Bag, 80ct -- $ 9.98
  7. M&M's, Snickers & Twix Ghoulish Green Halloween Candy, 50 ct -- $10.98
  8. Snickers & More Assorted Chocolate Bulk Halloween Candy, 225 Ct -- $16.98
  9. Snickers & More Assorted Chocolate Bulk Halloween Candy, 375 Ct -- $26.98

Get free curbside pickup

If the idea of trudging through Walmart to pick up your Halloween loot is scarier than your neighbor's decor, you can place your order online and get free curbside pickup. Alternatively, if you have a Walmart+ membership, you can enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase. 

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