The Average Trader Joe's Shopper Spends This Much per Year

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  • The average Trader Joe's shopper spends $371 per year.
  • Among Trader Joe's shoppers, the most common demographic is Caucasian women who are aged 41 to 57 and earn more than $80,000 per year.
  • Most Trader Joe's shoppers buy 10 or fewer items per trip.

High-quality, limited-time products keep shoppers coming in for their favorite treats.

Supermarket Trader Joe's commands a huge following and deep footprint. According to analytics firm Numerator, 1 in 4 American households shop or have shopped at Trader Joe's. Read further to find out more about the typical Trader Joe's shopper and how much they spend per year.

Meet the typical Trader Joe's shopper

As per Numerator, the typical Trader Joe's shopper is likely to be a Caucasian woman, is between the ages of 41 and 57, and makes more than $80,000. She also lives in a city as opposed to the suburbs or the countryside.

Typical Trader Joe's customers spend $371 per year over the course of eight or nine trips. The top spending category is food, followed by online sales. Most shoppers buy fewer than 10 items per trip -- perfect for cruising through the Express Lane with a red basketful of products. Why? It's a whole seasonal shopping experience, that's why.

Trader Joe's is perfect for seasonal shoppers

Although TJ's prices are reasonable and its return policy is generous, only 1 in 5 customers shop at Trader Joe's with the intention of filling up their pantry. Even fewer shop for necessities like diapers or toilet paper. But TJ's diehards know that the store's true value lies in its limited-time seasonal products. During the fall, shoppers drift through an ocean of pumpkin-spice candles, holiday décor, and pumpkin pancake mix. And even "staple" products can be suddenly pulled from shelves, leaving shoppers wanting more.

This seasonal quality attracts both regulars and first-time shoppers. Only 67% of shoppers are repeat buyers, meaning Trader Joe's shoppers are less sticky than Costco members. That makes sense because Costco members must commit to a membership before shopping there. Trader Joe's customers shop for free -- call it the cherry on top of a sparkling, triple-layer customer-service sundae.

Right now, Trader Joe's offers digital customers an online catalog, a list of popular products, tasty recipes, and a podcast that dives deep into Trader Joe's culture. It caters to fans of the company, which makes sense: Anecdotal evidence indicates folks who like Trader Joe's really like Trader Joe's. As more customers shop online, it's likely Trader Joe's will continue to roll out new digital experiences, including festive homepages during the holiday shopping seasons. Consider checking out these best cash back apps to get money back on all Trader Joe's purchases.

My bias is the fluffy-crunchy Trader Joe's Spicy Porkless Plant Based Snack Rinds. Here's to them staying in stock for the foreseeable future, along with everything else being raved about on the Trader Joe's fans subreddit. That's the stuff. Your taste buds will thank me -- and your wallet will, too.

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