The Average Value of a Stolen Package Is $112. Here Are 5 Tips to Prevent Theft

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  • Many Americans do much of their shopping online and have items delivered to their home.
  • While online shopping is convenient, it may put you at risk for package theft. 
  • Installing a doorbell camera, using alternative delivery methods, and requiring a signature are ways you can protect yourself from package theft. 

Do what you can to minimize the chances of falling victim to package theft. 

With the increased popularity of online shopping, many Americans are getting packages delivered to their home regularly. Unfortunately, there is a risk of package theft. A recent survey found that a third of Americans know someone who has had a package stolen this year. Find out how to prevent package theft, so you don't throw your hard-earned money away.  

14% of Americans have fallen victim to package theft 

Have you ever had a package stolen from your property? It's not uncommon. A C+R research study found that 14% of Americans have fallen victim to package theft in 2022. The majority of those impacted had two or more packages stolen. The study also found that 34% of Americans know someone who had a package stolen this year. 

It turns out the average value of a stolen package is $112.30. That's a lot of money! When you shop online, you should feel confident knowing that your package will reach your hands without being taken. 

The last thing you should feel stressed about is potentially losing money because your online order didn't make it safely inside your home. Having a package stolen can be stressful, but it can also negatively impact your personal finance situation. 

Five tips to protect yourself against package thieves 

You should consider the possibility of package theft, especially if you get packages delivered to your home regularly. Here are some tips that may help you better protect yourself: 

  1. Don't let your packages pile up: Stay on top of your deliveries so you don't have a collection of boxes piling up at your doorstep. Multiple packages may look welcoming to porch thieves. Take advantage of shopping and delivery alerts to better time out when your orders will arrive so you can scoop up your boxes promptly. 
  2. Get your packages delivered elsewhere: If package theft is common in your area, you may consider getting some of your packages delivered elsewhere. Options include having expensive items delivered to your workplace, a family or close friend's home, or alternative delivery locations like Amazon Hub Lockers. Some retailers also let you order online and pick up in store. 
  3. Require a signature: If you have the option to, you may want to require a signature at delivery. This is an excellent move to make if you have electronics or other expensive items being shipped to your home. Remember, you'll need to sign for the package, so plan around your schedule. 
  4. Install a doorbell camera: A doorbell camera alerts you when someone is at your door but may also deter theft. These devices are noticeable. If a thief walks onto your property and sees they're being recorded, they may choose to leave. If a package is stolen and you have it on video, you can show the recording to the police. 
  5. Leave delivery instructions: Some online retailers let you leave delivery instructions. If you have another area on your property that is less accessible to the public, like a side porch, you may want to leave a note instructing delivery drivers to leave packages there. 

Whether you use credit cards or funds from your bank account to shop online, you likely spend a lot of money on online orders throughout the year. If you get packages shipped to your home, ensure that you don't lose out on money because of theft. Implementing the tips above may help you minimize the odds of porch theft. It doesn't hurt to take steps to protect yourself. 

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