This Unlimited Coffee Subscription Is Free Through the End of 2021

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You may be able to get free coffee for the rest of the year.

If you're a big coffee drinker, you may be spending a lot of money on your morning cup. Life is busy, and sometimes it's easier to grab a cup of joe on the go. If you typically start your day with a boost of caffeine, you should know that Panera is offering its monthly unlimited coffee subscription at no cost to new subscribers through the end of this year. Find out how to take advantage of this money-saving offer.

Some people suggest giving up little pleasures like daily takeout coffees to trim expenses and increase the balance of their savings account. While you may be able to save some cash that way, you don't have to give up coffee to reach your financial goals. Instead, paying for an unlimited coffee subscription may make sense for your love of coffee and your wallet. These memberships allow you to drink as much coffee as you want for a set monthly price.

Panera offers a monthly unlimited coffee subscription called MyPanera+. Subscribers can enjoy a cup of hot coffee, hot tea, or iced coffee once every two hours all month for $8.99, plus tax. This kind of membership could be a good bet if you're a regular coffee drinker who likes to buy coffee out instead of brewing it at home. And at under $10 per month, this service can be cheaper than making coffee at home.

The cost of coffee varies by cup size and location, but for simple math purposes, let's say a cup of coffee costs $2.25. If you drink at least four cups of coffee per month, this unlimited coffee membership is worth it ($2.25 x 4 = $9.00 + tax).

New subscribers get free coffee through the end of 2021

New MyPanera+ subscribers who sign up before the end of the year can get free access to this unlimited coffee membership through Dec. 31, 2021. You can order any size hot tea, hot coffee, or iced coffee. It's worth noting that specialty drinks, cold brew, and syrups are not included.

Once the free trial is up, subscribers will be billed $8.99 per month, plus tax. It's a recurring service that is billed every 30 days, so users must cancel to stop being charged.

For those who live or work near a Panera, it's a great deal.

Don't skip your morning coffee -- instead, get creative

Investing in an unlimited coffee membership may make sense for your bank account. Paying for an unlimited subscription plan is an easy way to keep your monthly expenses in check without depriving yourself of your morning beverage. You may want to check to see if your favorite coffee shop offers this service. If they don't, you may be able to find another way to save money on your morning coffee expense.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use a refillable cup. Some coffee shops offer a discount when you bring in a cup from home. The savings can add up, plus you'll be doing your part to eliminate waste.
  • Sign up for rewards programs. Many coffee shops offer discounts and deals for buying coffee regularly. You may be able to earn free coffee through a rewards program.
  • Buy a personal coffee machine for the office. If you forget to make coffee before leaving the house, consider buying a personal coffee machine to keep at your desk.

You don't have to eliminate daily coffee from your monthly budget. By getting creative, you can enjoy coffee with a cheaper price tag. If you're looking for more tips on managing your financial matters, take a look at these personal finance resources.

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