Why I'm Already Saving for My 2022 Summer Vacation

by Maurie Backman | Published on Sept. 12, 2021

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This summer's travel plans didn't quite pan out as expected, so I'm saving up in the hopes of a bigger trip in 2022.

Last summer, I didn't take a big vacation like I normally would. We can thank the pandemic for that.

This summer, I was hoping my family could take one of our usual cross-country road trips. I figured that even though my children aren't vaccinated against COVID-19 (they're too young to be eligible), between traveling by car and mostly staying at campgrounds, we'd manage to avoid crowds and pull off a safe trip.

But then the Delta variant struck and caused me to scrap that plan. I'm not comfortable with the idea of traveling across multiple state lines and possibly running into restrictions with quarantine requirements if the rules change. So instead of a big road trip, I'm planning on a small getaway.

I'm also setting my sights on 2022 and taking steps to save for next summer's vacation now. Here's why.

Making up for lost travel

I'm hoping that the pandemic situation improves by the time the summer of 2022 kicks off. And that's why I'm socking away extra money in my savings account now.

Last summer, my family was supposed to travel to Alaska. Well, there was no way we were getting on a cruise ship in the midst of a pandemic, so that plan got scrapped. But part of me hopes that trip could be possible next summer. So I figure if I start saving now, money won't have to be a barrier to not going.

I also think that just as travel demand soared this summer, it has the potential to skyrocket next summer. I have a feeling that due to the pandemic, a lot of people will spend much of the winter close to home, and they'll be itching to get out once the warm weather hits. When demand strikes in any given situation, prices tend to rise. So I'm anticipating that summer travel next year could get expensive. That's something I want to be prepared for.

How I'm carving out more savings

There are different steps I'm taking to eke out more savings for a 2022 trip. First, I'm taking on extra work. Right now, my job is busy. And as a freelance writer, the more content I produce, the more I earn. I don't know if things will stay this busy as the year progresses, and once my children have to start school in the fall, I may not have the bandwidth to do as much work. As such, I'm pushing myself now. And it's easier to motivate myself to work more knowing that my efforts could be the thing that makes it possible to take an awesome trip.

I've also cut back on some spending this summer due to pandemic-related concerns. Normally, I like to attend concerts. But I've largely been avoiding crowds due to the health crisis and because I share a home with unvaccinated people. I'm being good about taking the money I'm not spending on events and sticking it into savings.

All told, the summer of 2021 has been more enjoyable than the summer of 2020 was. But is it the carefree summer I hoped it would be? Not for my family. That's why I'm saving my money now in the hopes that if things take a turn for the better next year, we'll be primed to jump on the travel bandwagon and roam the country to our hearts' content.

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