8 Amazing Newsletter Examples to Inspire Your Small Business

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Learn from brands with amazing newsletters to improve your email marketing campaigns. The Ascent shares eight amazing email newsletters you can learn from.

According to Econsultancy.com’s survey, “Email continues to lead the pack when it comes to delivery of marketing results, with 73% of client-side marketers ranking the channel as excellent, compared to 72% for SEO and 67% for paid search, in second and third place respectively.”

This data highlights how effective email marketing strategies can be for growing a business.

To help you create engaging email newsletters, we put together a list of carefully crafted and high-performing email examples you can take inspiration from. Learn from these examples to improve the quality of your email newsletters.

Here are eight of the best email newsletter examples for your email marketing campaigns:

  • Jins
  • Away
  • Casper Labs
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Cook Smarts
  • Stylist Live LUXE
  • Unsplash
  • Moz

What to consider when creating a newsletter

Send irresistible email newsletters to your list to get better engagements. Consider these three points before creating your newsletter ideas.

1. Create campaign goals

Set clear goals and align your email marketing strategies and materials to your objectives. The clearer your goals are, the more focused your marketing initiatives become.

The clarity you get allows you to weed out parts of your email marketing campaigns that distract your audience. This leads to better productivity, optimized marketing spend, and better ROI.

2. Target audience

It’s email marketing 101 to get a clear picture of your target demographics first before creating your newsletters.

With a clear understanding of your audience’s quirks and qualms, you know which pain points and benefits are more appropriate to include in your newsletters. Your audience engagement and conversions will increase.

3. Content plan and schedule

Create a content plan and a publishing schedule to improve the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns.

Set up your content plan and schedule using automated email marketing tools. That way, you can stay on top of your publishing schedules while working on other important tasks.

Also, most automation tools have tracking features. By tracking your results, you’ll know which parts of your email marketing campaign ought to be improved.

8 amazing newsletter examples to inspire you

Take inspiration from these amazing email marketing examples from various brands.


JINS's email newsletter contains an easy-to-understand guide to help its audience choose the right prescription glasses.

The company also shows links to relevant pages throughout the newsletter to allow its subscribers quick access to crucial information, plus a live chat link to style experts.

Jins' newletter example

JINS includes a guide on choosing products for new subscribers. | Image source: Author


By linking to relevant platforms or channels where your brand is present, you bolster your integrated marketing strategy since your subscribers can engage with you across various channels.

2. Away

Away is an online store that designs, manufactures, and retails luggage and other travel merchandise, such as backpacks and tote bags.

In this newsletter, the brand highlights multiple product colors by putting together user-generated content from its social media pages.

Away’s newsletter

Away’s newsletter highlights product variations through color stories. | Image source: Author


This newsletter layout is perfect for showcasing your products and encouraging your community to engage with you.

The email has multiple call-to-action (CTA) buttons so Away’s subscribers can buy the products they want without going through several pages.

Away also includes a Refer a Friend option in the email to help improve their brand visibility.

3. Casper Labs

In one of its emails, Casper Labs reveals the science behind its product through storytelling in a problem-solution structure.

Casper Labs newsletter

Casper Labs uses a storytelling and problem-solving approach in this product-focused newsletter. | Image source: Author


The company uses straightforward graphics to make their content easier to understand, giving their readers a better experience while consuming their content.

Instead of using hard-selling phrases for their CTA button, Casper Labs invites its readers to “Learn More.”

Use Casper Labs’ approach to create engaging newsletters without sounding too promotional.

4. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s ChunkMail email is fun and educational.

Ben & Jerry’s newsletter

Ben & Jerry’s newsletter shares fun facts about their brand to their readers. | Image source:

LYFE Marketing

lt contains helpful, yet, entertaining information, such as milkshake recipes, unknown company facts, and even freezer burn prevention tips. Because the newsletter doesn’t have a salesy feel to it, the company’s readers aren’t prompted to put their guards up for fear of being sold to.

They might even be excited to try Ben & Jerry’s milkshake recipe, which means they’ll have to buy their ice cream.

5. Cook Smarts

Cook Smarts sends weekly meal plans to its subscribers.

Cook Smarts newsletter

Cook Smarts uses easy-to-understand layouts to avoid overwhelming their audience. | Image source: Author

LYFE Marketing

Its newsletter contains mouthwatering photos of the meals. (Talk about letting the products speak for themselves.)

Also, Cook Smarts’ email is chock-full of tips and links to helpful resources. With the value their newsletter provides, their audience is sure to appreciate Cook Smarts’ efforts, making them want to support the company.

The best part is the free email templates available online that allows you to create stunning newsletters as Cook Smarts’.

Canva’s professional-looking email newsletter templates are perfect for the job.

Canva's newsletter

Canva has a variety of email newsletter templates. Image source: Author

6. Stylist Live LUXE

The Stylist Live LUXE’s newsletter from Stylist magazine uses the tone, design, and layout reminiscent of fashion magazines.

Stylist Live LUXE's newletter

Stylist Live LUXE showcases its brand’s personality while providing valuable content to its subscribers. | Image source: Author

Really Good Emails

The email stays true to the brand’s image and highlights key information by placing it dead center using eye-catching complementary colors.

Be creative with colors, but ensure your visual design doesn’t take away the focus from your content.

7. Unsplash

Unsplash is a platform for sharing free stock images.

Photographers share their work with media companies, marketers, and anyone looking for royalty-free images.

Unsplash's newletter

Unsplash uses simple newsletter formats that highlight its message and content. | Image source: Author


The platform’s weekly newsletter uses a simple format with a single call-to-action. Use simple backgrounds and minimal design elements to highlight your CTA.

Straightforward layouts also mean spending less time designing your newsletters and focusing more on other aspects of your email marketing efforts, including managing your email list.

8. Moz

If linking to external articles will add tons of value to your newsletters, then do it.

While creating your own version of the content and publishing it on your website is ideal, there are scenarios when this isn’t doable, especially when we’re talking about case studies.

Moz's newsletter

Moz features external articles in its newsletter. | Image source: Author

By linking to other sites, it shows your subscribers you are sincere about helping them solve their problems.

Reach out to the site or publisher you featured to inform them you linked to their post. This strategy is perfect for building meaningful relationships with other publishers in your industry.

Start creating stunning email newsletters

The email design best practices in this guide aren’t just for newsletters. Apply them to your email retargeting campaigns and abandoned cart emails to get better results.

When your email newsletters look stunning, your subscribers are likely to act on your offers. At the very least, you can avoid landing on an email blacklist.

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