The Best Construction Management Software for Small Businesses

Construction management software includes many different types of platforms, from all-encompassing solutions to tools that focus on one aspect of construction. This guide will help you find some of the best construction software platforms out there and provide everything you need to know about which solution may be best suited for your business.

Top Rated


CoConstruct is easy-to-use yet feature-packed software for home builders and remodelers. This review will help you understand what the software does and whether it’s right for you.

Best for SMBs


PlanGrid organizes blueprints, drawings, and other documents and makes it easy to mark up and share them from the cloud. This review will tell you what features it offers and if it’s right for you.

Easiest to Use


Raken is project tracking and daily reporting software for construction managers who want to effectively monitor the job site. This review breaks down what Raken does and who will benefit from it.

Best Features

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Sage 300 Construction is powerful software that handles all aspects of construction, but it has some significant downsides. This review breaks down the software and how to know if it’s right for you.

Best Support


Procore is meant for construction firms looking for a powerful, feature-heavy platform that can help manage multiple complex projects. While expensive, this software delivers.

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Ranking construction management software isn’t easy because in this industry, everyone needs something different.

Construction management software is a broad category. Some platforms — like Procore and RedTeam — are all-encompassing solutions that cover every aspect of construction management, from bidding to the last coat of paint.

Others, like Raken and BIM 360, focus on one aspect of construction such as daily reporting, document management, or building design. While they handle these tasks well, you might be disappointed if you were hoping for a construction project management solution that can handle all aspects of your job — or, at the very least, you'll have to pay extra to get other software that can supplement it.

And still others, like CoConstruct, are focused on only certain types of construction. As a result, a solution may include some construction management tools you don't need yet and be lacking in some you do.

All of that is to say that, while we can rank these software solutions by how well they do as general construction management platforms, it's important for you to dive into the reviews to determine which solution best fits your business.

Our top picks for the best Construction Management Software:

Top Rated

1. CoConstruct

Best for SMBs

2. PlanGrid

Easiest to Use

3. Raken

Best Training

4. Buildertrend


5. RedTeam

Best Support

6. Procore

Best Features

7. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate


8. BIM 360


What The Blueprint looks for in a great construction management software

Construction management software tends to vary greatly — some focus on being an all-encompassing solution for construction managers, while others aim at excelling in one particular area, such as document management or job monitoring.

As a result, comparing them can be tough. However, we’ve settled on these three aspects in particular when it comes to our reviews.

Project management

The job responsibilities of construction managers can vary significantly, but almost all of them deal with project management. As a result, we look for software that handles important aspects of project management such as scheduling and job site monitoring.

Software that doesn't deal with project management because it focuses more narrowly in other areas won’t score as highly in our "features" category, even though those solutions may have plenty of customers who are perfectly happy with the product.


More than many other software categories, construction software varies widely in terms of pricing — not just in terms of how expensive it ultimately is, but also in the pricing structure.

Some sell monthly subscription fees, others make you pay an annual fee based on how many users you have, and still others will let you just purchase the software and price it based on how many "modules" you buy.

We'll break down the pricing for each option so you can figure out how much you’ll probably end up paying.

Ease of use

No matter the industry, ease of use is of the utmost importance when it comes to software. It doesn’t matter how powerful it is — if you can’t figure out how to use it (or if it will take months to get your crew to figure it out), the software will be a net negative for your business.

A total of 40% of the score for each of the software options is based solely on how easy and intuitive we found that platform to be.

How your business can benefit from using construction management software

Why spring for construction management software? Why not just keep using a spreadsheet? There are a number of tremendous benefits you might not know about.

Saves time

The ability of construction software to handle document management alone will save a huge amount of time. Many software options will manage your blueprints and permits in one place, and make it easy to share them so you’re not passing around PDFs or PNGs via email.

Saves money

When a project runs into a problem, such as necessary materials being unavailable or not enough workers for a project on a specific day, you end up with delays, and that means money wasted.

If you want to increase your bottom line, the best way to do it is to implement a software solution that will make you more organized and efficient.

Saves headaches

Have you ever made a huge mistake with payroll, or misplaced a permit you need in order to proceed with a project? That can cause major problems for your business. Software keeps all of this organized and ensures you’re not missing anything.

Construction Management Software Frequently Asked Questions

Which software is the highest rated?

CoConstruct scored solid marks across the board, getting nine out of 10 in ease of use, support, and pricing, and an eight in features. This software is meant for home builders and remodelers, handling everything from project management to financial documentation.

Which software is easiest to use?

It's a three-way tie so far for ease of use, with CoConstruct, PlanGrid, and Raken each scoring a nine out of 10 in this category. However, CoConstruct is the only one focused on all aspects of construction management, while PlanGrid and Raken are focused on narrower areas (document management and job site monitoring, respectively).

Which software has the strongest features?

Sage 300 Construction has a learning curve — and it's expensive — but as far as we've seen, it can't be beat in terms of features. This software will handle everything a construction manager needs, even HR.