What to Include on Your Contact Us Page

Contact pages can be challenging for a business to put together. These 10 examples of companies with excellent Contact Us pages will help provide inspiration for designing your own version.

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Providing a product or service isn’t the only thing you do as a company — you also must create a dialogue with the customer. And creating a space where customers can directly connect with your company to talk about whatever issue they’re having is vital to customer satisfaction.

A contact page shouldn’t be an afterthought. If visitors don’t like it and don’t feel they can connect with your company, it will directly lead to lost sales. Your contact page should make it easy for customers to reach out to you with whatever issue they’re having, whether it’s to return a product, figure out how to use it, or inquire about some of your other offerings.

But what should your Contact Us page look like? This will differ depending on what kind of support you offer and what kind of connection you are trying to make with the customer.

The following 10 examples and contact page templates show different styles of Contact Us pages, all trying to accomplish slightly different things. Hopefully, they will inspire you to create your own contact page that will result in a superior customer service experience.

10 of the best Contact Us page examples:

  • Lucky Orange
  • Unbounce
  • InVision
  • HubSpot
  • Basecamp
  • PayPal
  • Mailchimp
  • Adobe
  • Squarespace
  • Stripe

1. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is conversion optimization software that lets companies see detailed analytics on a visual dashboard. It helps them understand how customers are interacting with the site and therefore can boost both new customers and improve customer retention.

The company’s Contact Us page takes a direct approach, with a simple contact form design popping up right away to invite the user to reach out. It has easy contact options if you don't want to use the form and provides other self-help options as well.

Lucky Orange’s Contact Us page with a pop-up feedback form.

Lucky Orange uses a simple pop-up form to invite feedback from customers. Source: Lucky Orange software.

2. Unbounce

Unbounce allows users to create custom landing pages without coding experience. It uses AI features to figure out how small businesses can better convert customers with their marketing campaigns.

The advantage of Unbounce’s contact page is that it offers multiple ways for customers to contact the company. It provides links to documents, partners, and forms, and overall it's easy and simple to navigate. The graphical and visual style also make it interactive and pleasing for visitors.

Unbounce’s Contact Us page focuses on connectivity.

Unbounce’s Contact Us page offers many ways for a customer to get in touch. Source: Unbounce software.

3. InVision

InVision is a digital product design platform that allows businesses to create apps and other products from the ground up and streamline the development process.

InVision’s contact page includes multiple levels of information and a concise form. A chat window pops up, meaning you can talk to a customer care professional right away and get your question answered without having to dig through guides. The page is easy to navigate, and there's a media kit you can download for more information on the company.

InVision’s Contact Us page connects users to a virtual support agent.

InVision has a chatbox for quick connection to a customer support professional. Source: InVision software.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the biggest names in customer relationship management, providing a range of features for sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

HubSpot presents an interactive approach on its Contact Us page, with a live chat function offering immediate access to customer service. A simple design makes it easy for the visitor to choose between making a phone call and opening a chat. The page puts visitors in charge of their support experience.

HubSpot’s Contact Us page with available communications options.

HubSpot’s Contact Us page is clean and simple, making it easy for the visitor to choose from available options. Source: HubSpot software.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management software platforms available on the market today.

Basecamp takes a personal approach to its Contact Us page, highlighting the fact that you will be talking to "friendly folks" who are happy to help and emphasizing that you talk to "humans never bots." The site even includes a wait time, so you know how long you'll be on hold. The design is consistent with the rest of the site, which helps with cohesiveness.

Basecamp’s Contact Us page emphasizes that real people are ready to help users.

Basecamp’s Contact Us page places a big focus on human interaction. Source: Basecamp software.

6. PayPal

PayPal is a leading platform for processing online financial transactions, particularly for individuals and small businesses.

Their contact page allows the individual to choose which support path to take. A search query is provided, which makes it a little less welcoming than other pages that invite the visitor to contact the company right away. However, for companies with limited support staff, gently nudging visitors to solve their own problems through support articles rather than rely on support staff makes sense.

The page also features a link to a community forum for additional support, plus there is a live chat option for those who want immediate help.

PayPal’s Contact Us page presents a search query for users.

PayPal’s contact page pushes visitors to solve their own problems by searching in the query box. Source: PayPal software.

7. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a top marketing software platform that helps businesses connect with their customer base and reach new potential buyers.

Like PayPal, Mailchimp initially requests that customers solve their own problem by selecting a topic from a dropdown menu, which then takes them to the Knowledge Base. After that, they have to login for customer support. The concise and clean format is helpful for users to navigate to their issue and get the help they need, although it doesn't offer the direct, immediate support other contact pages do.

Mailchimp’s Contact Us page has users select a topic first.

Mailchimp’s contact page invites users to self-select a topic before offering help. Source: Mailchimp software.

8. Adobe

Adobe is a multinational computer software company that focuses on creative software and multimedia products, although it has delved into digital marketing as well.

The company’s contact page is super clean and simple, with one option being to get help with all Adobe products via the staff or the user community and a second option to get in touch with the sales department to talk about licensing or purchases. The customer support phone number is provided, and the links will get you where you need to go.

Adobe’s Contact Us page is easy to use.

Adobe’s Contact Us page is clean and simple, providing easy navigation to fix a problem. Source: Adobe software.

9. Squarespace

Squarespace helps small businesses design their own websites from the ground up using design tools and templates.

Squarespace goes with a minimalist design for their contact page. It has a user-friendly approach with minimal text. Visitors can self-select options based on their needs, and the form is easy to populate. There's also links to partnering and public relations contact information in case you want your contact page to be about more than just your immediate customers.

Squarespace’s straightforward Contact Us page.

Squarespace takes a minimalist approach with its contact page. Source: Squarespace software.

10. Stripe

Stripe is software that allows businesses of all sizes to accept payments, send payments, and manage finances.

Stripe's contact page provides a form for immediate contact with the staff, inviting visitors to submit their name, email, website, country, payments volume, and anything else they need to share. The design is warm, clean, and inviting. The messaging is friendly and makes it clear that inquiries are welcome.

A screenshot of Stripe’s Contact Us page.

Stripe’s contact page invites users to fill out a form to get in touch with the company right away. Source: Stripe software.

Software will help with contact pages and much more

Wondering how to improve the customer service experience at your company? That’s where software comes in. Customer service software is the key to not only designing a contact page but to also getting more organized with how you handle customer inquiries. This can lead to quicker response times, better results, and happier customers.

If you want to improve how your customers view you, you must take a holistic approach to how you interact with your clients. That means a good contact information page and good software to manage the customer experience. That also means a customer success manager to handle conflict resolution and make sure that customer reviews are stellar.

By taking these steps now, you will lay a solid foundation for your company’s growth in the years ahead.

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