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Austin Smith

Austin Smith


A long-term investor looking to own the best businesses available.

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Interview: Tore Steen, CEO of Crowdstreet

Crowdfunding is changing the game for investors. Tore Steen, CEO of Crowdstreet, sits down with Matt Argersinger to discuss how crowdfunding is opening up opportunities today.

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What Is an Excellent Credit Score?

A strong credit score is one way you can increase your chances of getting approved for a loan and secure a more favorable rate.

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9 Ways to Pay Off Debt

You can't wish it away. But you can pay it down faster. Here are your nine proven strategies for paying off high-interest debt.


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The 21 Critical Questions to Ask Your Broker Today

Is your advisor taking advantage of you?

With 4G Coming to Cars, Is Sirius XM in Trouble?

Will Automakers Install Sirius XM When Wireless is On the Menu?

These Are the Things Holding Back Ford's New Fuel Future

Independence from the grid is one advantage of Ford’s solar concept car.

Solar Charging an Electric Car: How Much Would You Save?

The "and" solution: no single winner in the move to greener transportation.

The New Margin Booster for the Auto Industry?

With CAFE standards looming, automakers may look to tech-based upsells.

Can't Afford a Tesla? Ford Has an Alternative

Ford’s Energi vs. Tesla: What’s the difference?

Are Solar-Powered Cars Coming?

Ford introduces C-MAX, a solar concept car.

The Juggernaut Pushing The Future of Wireless Charging (It's Not Who You Expect)

Coming soon: Cell phones with wireless charging baked right In

Who Benefits Most From The Wearable Tech Boom?

Looking to invest in wearable tech? Check out these component makers.

Starbucks: Charging Your iPhone for Free (and Wirelessly)

Phone battery running low? Head to Starbucks

Electronics Cigarettes: What To Watch, What to Ignore

Looking to Invest in E-Cigarettes? Think distribution

iRobot and the Autonomous Home

Will your home robots be "talking" tomorrow?

Can the Leader of Robotics Maintain Its Edge?

Here's why iRobot welcomes the competition.

Who's Winning the Wearable Tech Race?

In the booming wearable tech market, integration is key.

The Hidden Partner in Audi's Driverless Car Revolution

“Piloted driving” isn't driverless, but it's a first step and it's coming soon.