The investment landscape is changing. In 2012, the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) opened the door for individuals to invest in assets that had previously been very restricted. 

Final rules by the SEC in 2015 on the manner in which these investments could be presented solidified crowdfunding as a legitimate and exciting new way to invest. 

No industry has been more positively affected by this than commercial real estate. Previously limited by high price, regulatory restrictions, and geographic constraints, it was very hard for an investor in, say, Greensboro North Carolina, to place capital in a development in Omaha, Nebraska. Now with crowdfunding suddenly available, established commercial real estate opportunities are flooding in. 

Matt Argersinger, lead advisor at Motley Fool sister company Millionacres, recently sat down with Tore Steen, CEO of, to discuss some of these trends. Crowdstreet is one of the largest and most established crowdfunding platforms where investors can participate in commercial real estate deals across the country. 

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