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John-Erik Koslosky

John-Erik Koslosky


Fool contributor John-Erik Koslosky has been picking his own stocks since the market crashed in 2008. He aims for a mix of value and growth, but mostly, just looks to buy great businesses.

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SiriusXM in-dash radio

Why Sirius XM Is Making a Bigger Push in Used Cars

New car sales have been the primary driver of growth, but to continue that momentum, Sirius XM needs to sign up more used car buyers as subscribers.

sirius snoopandheatherb_800x450

Can Sirius XM Succeed in Streaming Without Pandora?

Calls for the satellite service to acquire a music streamer have yet to relent, but Sirius XM executives seem more adamant than ever that they are better off on their own.


Pandora Plans to Move Beyond Music

Pandora may be the biggest name in music streaming, but its future may be bigger than the song.

Pandora new music

Is Pandora Leaving Money on the Table?

Revenue hasn't been growing as fast as investors hoped, but the company says that's not necessarily due to a lack of advertiser interest.

AMC Start Wars promo

Why This Theater Sale May Be Bad News for Disney

The acquisition wasn't big news. But the larger trend could mean trouble for the movie studios.

SiriusXM in-dash radio

Why Combining Sirius XM and Pandora Might Be a Big Mistake

Liberty Media's CEO reportedly made an offer to buy the music streamer, with the intent to merge it with the satellite service. Here's why that might be ill-advised.

Game of Thrones with Sirius from blog

3 Things to Look for in Sirius XM's Earnings Call

The top and bottom lines are important, but there are story lines that shed far more light on the company's long-term strategy and success.

FACEBOOK  f8_day1keynote

Has Facebook's Growth Peaked?

The company has cautioned that prior growth rates are going to be hard to top moving forward. Should investors be worried about a slowdown?

Facebook HQ newsroomfbcom

One Big Advantage Facebook Has Over Its Rivals

When it comes to delivering the best proverbial bang for the buck, the social network towers above the competition.

Twitter front desk

1 Major Hurdle in Twitter's Quest to Become a Bigger Player in Live Sports

The company continues looking for ways to expand its live video offerings, but there are reasons why sports leagues and networks may look elsewhere for online viewers.

Google HQ

Alphabet Plans to Get Personal in Its Fight With Facebook

The internet search giant has a lot of data on you (and every other user), but it's been hesitant to use it in sending you ads. Until now.

Is Pandora on the Verge of Making a Big Mistake?

The music streamer is preparing for a possible move into interactive listening. At least one industry exec thinks it's a bad idea.


Sirius XM's Fastest-Growing Revenue Stream Might Surprise You

Subscriptions still make up the lion's share of Sirius XM's revenue, but other areas of growth are worth investors' attention, too.

SiriusXM in-dash radio

Why Sirius XM May Never Find Growth Outside America

Questions continue to surface about the launch of an international satellite radio service -- it won't happen anytime soon.


Twitter Inc's Moments Has Flopped With Advertisers

The company had hoped to fetch big prices on ads appearing in the feature, but advertisers are choosing to spend elsewhere.

SiriusXM in-dash radio

Keeping Subscribers Is About to Get Easier -- and Cheaper -- for Sirius XM

It may not be among the most anticipated features of Sirius XM's planned interactive platform, but improved customer service could be among the most important.


Amid IPO Speculation, Pinterest Hangs a Target on Alphabet's Back

The photo-driven social site is gearing up advertising efforts as investors await a possible debut on the public stock market. Should Alphabet be concerned?


Is Facebook's News Feed Shakeup an Opportunity for Twitter?

An algorithm change has left news outlets feeling spurned by Facebook, and that could have them looking for new ways to connect with their audiences.


Is It Time for Sirius XM to Start Issuing a Dividend?

An executive for the satellite-radio service says its board will talk it over. Does a dividend makes sense for investors?


Is Twitter Skimping on R&D?

Twitter's investment in research and development is dropping fast. Is that welcome news for investors, or a sign of even tougher times ahead?

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