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Don’t Count McDonald’s Out Yet; Just Ask Starbucks

McDonald's is going through a transitional phase just like Starbucks did in 2008. Long-term investors need to have a closer look at McDonald's.

Activist Investors Have Had Enough of This Restaurant’s CEO and Board

Starboard Value's latest letter to Darden Restaurants signals that the activist investor has had enough of management and the board of directors.

Yum! Earnings: More Bad News for McDonald’s

Positive same-store sales from Taco Bell likely mean that its new breakfast menu stole some of McDonald's customers.

Taco Bell Has a Serious Beef With Chipotle

Yum! Brands is beefing up Taco Bell's menu to go after Chipotle again.

This Restaurant Is Growing Faster Than Chipotle, and Darden Owns It

Hidden inside Darden's specialty restaurant group is Yard House, the second fastest-growing restaurant in the U.S.

The Top 3 Restaurant Stocks for the 1st Half of 2014

Shares of Jack in the Box, Burger King Worldwide, and Ignite Restaurant Group are so far trouncing other restaurant stocks this year. Will the run continue?

The 3 Worst Performing Restaurant Stocks of 2014

Will shares of Potbelly, Panera Bread, and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts remain weak for the rest of 2014?

Buffalo Wild Wings or Chipotle: Which Will Win the Battle for Pizza?

It's looking like a race between Buffalo Wild Wings and Chipotle Mexican Grill to be the "Chipotle of pizza."

Pretzel Investors: Look to Dunkin’ Brands, Not Wendy’s

Wendy's may have the Pretzel Burger, but Dunkin' Brands has new Pretzel Twists, which will help drive iced-beverage sales.

Is a Turnaround Finally Starting to Happen at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden is starting to show some signs of a turnaround. Unfortunately, it might be too little, too late to save the job of Darden Restaurants' CEO.

Now McDonald’s Wants to Be Like Panera Bread

Following Panera's lead, McDonald's is now testing mobile ordering and payment via its new McD Ordering app.

Will Activists Get What They Want From These 3 Restaurants?

Activists are targeting Darden Restaurants, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, and Bob Evans Farms. Will their demands be met?

Panera Bread’s New Clean-Food Policy Still Doesn't Make It a Chipotle

Can Panera Bread's new clean-food policy build the same loyalty with its customers that Chipotle has with its customers?

Dunkin’ Donuts' California Invasion Is About to Begin

It looks like Dunkin' Donuts is about to enter California a year earlier than expected. Success in California would be a game changer for Dunkin' Brands Group.

With Taco Bell and McDonald’s Fighting Over Breakfast, the Real Winner Might Be IHOP

As Taco Bell and McDonald's look to destroy each other to win breakfast customers, IHOP's sales are growing.

Darden Restaurants’ Earnings: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

After a disappointing earnings report, what's next for shares of Darden Restaurants?

The Real Winners From This Year’s World Cup: Buffalo Wild Wings and BJ’s Restaurants

No matter how the U.S. soccer team does at this year's FIFA World Cup, Buffalo Wild Wings and BJ's Restaurants are winners.

Last Year’s Top Performing Restaurant Is Struggling This Year

Shares of Fiesta Restaurant Group outperformed both Chipotle Mexican Grill and Buffalo Wild Wings last year, but that's not the case this year.

Should Investors Be Worried After Ad Agency Fires Client Panera Bread?

Along with Panera 2.0 and a sustainable food policy, Panera now has to work on finding a new ad agency after being told it's too difficult of a client to have.

McDonald’s Only Has Itself to Blame for Chipotle's and Starbucks' Success

Over the past 25 years, McDonald's executives failed to foresee the rise of Chipotle and Starbucks and the impact that it would have on its future business.