Louie Grint

Louie Grint


I am a curious economist who likes to investigate what is behind asset price movements across the globe. My articles range from industry analysis of various sectors to understanding global macro events that could trigger volatility in the markets.

Recent articles

How Banana Prices Are Affecting These 2 Companies

Banana producers have been suffering price disruptions since the beginning of the year. What’s the outlook for Chiquita Brands International and Fresh Del Monte Produce?

How Michele Ferrero Made His Billions

Learn how Michele Ferrero, the mind behind Ferrero Group, managed to build a confectionary empire out of one market opportunity.

Is It Time to Buy Chicken Stocks?

There are some good reasons to bet on chicken-related assets. What's the outlook for Sanderson Farms and Industrias Bachoco?

What's the Best Way to Play 'Saudi America'?

The U.S. is realizing huge oil and gas production increases and now is the top producer woldwide. Given this context, what's the outlook for Marathon Oil, Hess, and Apache?

What Will Happen to These ADRs if Argentina Defaults?

Argentina is facing high risks of default after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the country's appeal to avoid paying to hedge fund creditors. What will happen to Grupo Financiero Galicia, YPF, and Edenor?

Lower Rates and More Liquidity Make Europe a Buy

The ECB announced strong new monetary policies that should affect financial institutions in the European Union. How will iShares MSCI EMU, Vanguard FTSE Europe, and iShares MSCI Europe Financial perform?

Will Better Soybean Prices Boost Cresud?

Is better pricing for soybeans pushing Cresud's stock price up? What's the outlook for the company? How's this scenario affecting Bunge as well?

Will Petrobras Production Grow?

Petrobras recently showed a record production in its pre-salt fields. Does this mean that the company will increase its overall production levels?