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Best Car Insurance Discounts for Nurses

Christy Bieber
By: Christy Bieber

Our Insurance Expert

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There are many opportunities to save on car insurance. For example, car insurance discounts for nurses can help workers in this profession reduce coverage costs when buying auto insurance. Find out more in this guide.

Which insurance companies offer discounts to nurses?

Car insurance discounts for nurses are available from many different insurance companies. Some examples of different insurers offering discounts to nurses include the following:

  • AAA
  • California Casualty
  • Geico
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Nationwide

Discounts can vary by region. And, in many cases, nurses will need membership in a specific professional organization in order to take advantage of savings opportunities.

When comparing car insurance rates, nurses should find out what specific types of savings are available from companies they are considering. This is possible by getting online quotes and/or by contacting insurers and providing details of professional affiliations or memberships.

How to get car insurance discounts for nurses

Car insurance discounts for nurses can help nurses pay less for the auto insurance coverage required. To get these discounts, nurses should take the following steps:

  • Research which insurance companies offer special savings for medical professionals. Some insurers offer discounts to employees in certain industries, such as people in the medical field. Others offer discounts for memberships in professional organizations such as the American Society of Registered Nurses. Insurers generally have a list online of what types of jobs or memberships entitle drivers to save on their auto coverage.
  • Determine what the requirements are to qualify for a discount. For example, nurses may need to provide proof of membership in specific organizations to max out their car insurance discounts for nurses.
  • Provide information to their insurers about their professional affiliation when applying for auto insurance coverage. Nurses should be sure to disclose which organizations they are a part of so they can qualify for all discounts available to them.

Nurses should shop around and explore top auto insurance options to find the company offering the most affordable coverage after taking discounts into account.

How much do nurses save on car insurance?

Nurses can save on auto coverage by claiming car insurance discounts for nurses. This could involve joining member organizations or choosing a specific insurance company to buy auto insurance from.

Insurers may also consider nurses to be less risky to insure because of their chosen profession or because they have received an advanced education in order to enter the nursing field. Many insurers offer lower rates for those with professional degrees, for example. Nurses would qualify for these savings.

The exact amount of money that nurses can save on car insurance varies based on many factors including region and professional affiliation. The premium savings could be as much as 15% to 20% in certain circumstances.

Best car insurance discounts for nurses

Here are some of the best car insurance discounts for nurses.


AAA has partnered with the American Society of Registered Nurses to offer car insurance discounts for nurses. Depending on location, AAA may also have a relationship with other nursing organizations as well. Through these partnerships, nurses can save on insurance coverage if they purchase a policy from AAA.

California Casualty

California Casualty provides discounts on auto insurance coverage for nurses. It also customizes the policy protections offered to nurses. For example, nurses will have a reduction in their deductibles if vandalism or a collision occurs while they are volunteering or while they are working as a healthcare professional. Their deductibles will be reduced by $500 in these circumstances.


Geico has partnerships with the Association of Women's Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses as well as with dozens of other nursing associations and organizations. Geico offers a searchable database of partner organizations that makes it easy to find car insurance discounts for nurses. Nurses who are members of partner organizations will benefit from a reduction in auto insurance premium costs.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has partnered with the American Nurses Association, along with other professional organizations. Nurses who are members of a partner organization that works with Liberty Mutual will see a reduction in premiums.


Like Liberty Mutual, Nationwide is also in partnership with the American Nurses Association. Members are entitled to exclusive auto insurance discounts.

Car insurance discounts through nursing organizations

Many factors impact car insurance costs, including professional affiliation. Nurses may be able to save money on car insurance because of their memberships in various nursing organizations. For example:

  • The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses has partnered with Geico. As a result, members of this organization can save on auto insurance premium costs if their policy is purchased from Geico.
  • The American Nurses Association has partnerships with Liberty Mutual and with Nationwide. Buying insurance through either of these insurance companies can entitle members of the ANA to car insurance discounts for nurses.

Nurses should find out about membership requirements in these organizations if they are interested in saving on car insurance. They should also disclose their professional affiliation to different insurance companies when they are applying for auto insurance coverage.


  • Progressive does not specifically advertise car insurance discounts for nurses. However, nurses may be able to find other ways to save on Progressive insurance coverage. Progressive offers discounts for homeownership, for getting online quotes, and for signing up for coverage online -- among other things.

  • Medical professionals may sometimes qualify for cheaper car insurance. Discounts could be available for medical professionals who are members of certain organizations. For example, members of the The American Nurses Association may be eligible for discounted auto insurance from Nationwide and/or Liberty Mutual.

    Medical professionals may also be offered lower rates if insurers believe they are more likely to drive safely. Both their profession and the advanced education they are required to have could potentially entitle medical professionals to cheaper coverage.

Our Insurance Expert