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Homeowners Insurance State Directory

Dana George

Our Insurance Expert

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U.S. homeowners pay, on average, $1,725 per year for homeowners insurance. The price of homeowners coverage varies by state, city, and insurance company. Here, we'll cover why that is and show you which states charge the most (and the least) for coverage.

Why do home insurance costs vary from state to state?

Let's say two homeowners have precisely the same house, with all the same amenities, situated on exactly the same size lot. The only difference is that the homes are located in different states. The homeowners insurance premium on one house could be twice, three times, or even four times as much as the premium on the house located in another state. That's because insurers set premiums based on factors such as:

  • How prone the area is to natural disasters
  • Cost to rebuild in a specific area
  • Crime rate
  • Distance from nearest fire station

What are the cheapest states for homeowners insurance?

Interestingly, of the five cheapest states for homeowners insurance, all but one has a coastline. Here they are, along with their average annual premiums:

  1. Hawaii ($392)
  2. Oregon ($814)
  3. Utah ($817)
  4. New Jersey ($822)
  5. Delaware ($826)

What are the most expensive states for homeowners insurance?

It may be a coincidence, but the five states with the most expensive homeowners insurance are all in the Midwest or Deep South. They're all prone to tornadoes, two experience hurricanes, and two deal with ice regularly during winter months.

  1. Nebraska ($4,043)
  2. Oklahoma ($3,883)
  3. Mississippi ($3,045)
  4. Kansas ($3,012)
  5. Texas ($2,646)

What's the cheapest homeowners insurance in my state?

Premiums also vary within a single state. Again, it could be due to the crime rate in a particular area, how near it is to the ocean, or if it's in a rural area and difficult for firetrucks to access. These guides can help homeowners find the cheapest homeowners insurance by state.