3 Reasons It Pays to Get Pet Insurance for a New Puppy

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  • Pet owners should consider buying insurance as soon as they get a new puppy.
  • Puppies can be full of mischief that can lead to expensive medical bills.
  • It's best to get insurance coverage for a new puppy before it is too late.

Don't miss out on the chance to get the coverage a new puppy needs.

When bringing a new puppy home, there are a lot of tasks that have to go on the to-do list. From puppy-proofing your home to working on housetraining, you'll likely have your hands full for weeks on end.

But one task that new puppy owners should accomplish right away involves getting pet insurance coverage. Here are three reasons why that's really important as soon as a new pup comes home.

1. Getting covered before pre-existing conditions develop is important

The biggest reason why it's so important to get pet insurance for a puppy is because it's important to have coverage in place before a pre-existing condition develops.

Unlike human insurance companies, pet insurers are allowed to discriminate against dogs with pre-existing medical problems. A dog with health issues could be denied coverage altogether or could be denied coverage for that specific issue.

When a puppy is young and healthy, a pet insurance policy can usually be easily obtained for an affordable cost before any medical problems would crop up that could cause problems. By getting a policy in place ASAP, animal owners can have the confidence of knowing their dogs are covered for life, and if any medical issues develop, insurance should likely pay for them.

2. Puppies can be accident prone

Puppies are, by nature, curious and eager to get into everything. They can also be very playful, running around and getting the "zoomies" on a regular basis.

All of this means a puppy can get into a lot of trouble that leads to expensive vet visits. Whether it's a sprain or a broken bone from overzealous playing at the dog park or a surgery needed due to eating a few too many socks and causing an obstruction, puppy antics can lead to costly veterinary bills.

With pet insurance, no animal owner will ever need to worry about whether they can afford to take their new pup to the vet to get them checked out after a mishap that has them feeling out of sorts.

3. You'll have a lifetime of medical care to cover

Finally, the last reason to get pet insurance for a puppy is because by adopting this animal, owners are (hopefully) committing to a lifetime of providing for its needs. This could mean decades of veterinary bills ahead, which could total thousands of dollars.

When a pet insurance policy is in place, owners will have the confidence of knowing they can make decisions about their dog's care based on what's best for the animal rather than based on what they can afford. This will ensure the new pup gets the very best care for life, without pet owners having to go into credit card debt or damage their own finances in order to provide it.

For all of these reasons, a pet insurance company should be one of the first contacts after a new pup is brought home. Fortunately, it's easy and quick to get quotes online, and compared to housetraining, it's a breeze to pick a policy that provides ongoing protection for years to come.

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