The No. 1 Reason Every Pet Owner Should Have Insurance

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  • Buying pet insurance is important for pet owners.
  • Expensive health issues could develop with any pet.
  • Insurance means choices can be made based on what's best for the animal.

Don't end up forced to put a price on a pet's health.

Having a pet has many health benefits for owners. In fact, studies have shown that the owners of certain pets -- dogs in particular -- actually live longer. Pets can also bring endless joy into their owners’ lives. 

But owning an animal comes with a responsibility to provide care for them -- and this is a responsibility many people take on gladly since they consider their animal companion a beloved member of their family.

For those who decide to become pet owners, there's one important step they should take right away. Every pet owner should buy pet insurance ASAP. And there's a very important reason why this purchase is an essential one.

You could find yourself forced to make a difficult choice

Buying pet insurance is crucial after bringing an animal home because there's no way to predict when a pet will get hurt or will develop a serious illness. Anything could happen, from a car accident to a diagnosis of cancer or a heart problem. And when this occurs, treatment could be extremely expensive.

Without insurance, pet owners could be put into an impossible situation. They could be forced to choose between denying their animal a treatment that could save or extend their life -- or going into debt in order to pay for care. 

When deciding how to proceed with handling a serious medical issue, it's ideal for pet owners to be able to make the choice solely based on what is best for their animal. But if the treatment is out of reach financially or could lead to tons of credit card debt or necessitate taking a personal loan, budget has to be a consideration. And no one wants to be forced to choose between letting their pet suffer or pass early or dooming themselves to financial disaster. 

Get pet insurance early so you don't find yourself faced with an impossible decision

Pet insurers can deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, unlike health insurers for humans. As a result, it is very important to buy a policy before any type of injury or medical issue develops. Otherwise, the pet may not be covered for the medical problems that arise, and it will be too late to avoid being forced to choose between financial stability and the life or good health of a beloved animal. 

For pet owners who buy a sufficient amount of pet insurance coverage ASAP, premiums will usually be quite affordable -- especially if the animal is young and healthy. The cost of insurance can be built into a monthly budget so it's easily affordable and costs are predictable over time. And the insurance will be there to pay the bills if something goes wrong. 

With the right insurance, any decisions made about treating an illness or injury will not require a consideration of the financial impact. This can take a lot of pressure off an owner during a difficult time -- and it could just be the ticket to ensuring an animal companion has the best chance of a long, healthy, and happy life. 

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