10 Side Hustles That Could Score You an Extra $100 a Week

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Want a steady income boost? Here's how to get it.

Key points

  • Working a second job is a great way to boost your income.
  • There are several gigs you can sign up for that let you earn money consistently.

Maybe you want a side hustle to pad your savings account or pay off some debt you recently accrued during the holidays. Or maybe you simply want more flexibility to cover your ongoing expenses and have cash on hand for things like leisure and social events.

No matter your motivation for getting a side hustle, you may be eager to find a gig that will pay you consistently. Here are 10 options that could boost your income by $100 a week, every week.

1. Write or edit web content

There are different businesses and blogs that may need regular content added to their sites. If you're great with words or have a sharp eye for detail, you may be able to line up a weekly writing or editing gig that pays pretty generously.

2. Update websites

It's common for businesses to need their websites updated regularly, whether to promote new products or announce different specials. If you line up enough clients, you may land in a position where you're updating websites on a regular basis – and collecting a nice chunk of money every week for it.

3. Manage a local business's social media account

These days, a lot of businesses are willing to spend more money on social media marketing because they recognize how effective it can be. If you're willing to take over some social media accounts, you could see a nice steady flow of cash as your reward.

4. Be a tutor

If you're a wiz at advanced math or calculus, or you're great at another tough academic subject, you may be able to line up some steady tutoring gigs. That could lead to a nice, consistent income on top of your main paycheck.

5. Babysit

As a babysitter, you may be able to command a higher hourly rate than expected, especially if you live in a larger city or will be caring for multiple children at a time. In fact, if you're willing to spend your Friday and Saturday nights babysitting, you could easily see your earnings rise by $100 weekly.

6. Walk dogs

Dog walkers don't tend to make a huge amount of money by the hour. But if your schedule allows you to pick up a decent number of hours every week, then you have a prime opportunity to not only boost your income, but also, get plenty of fresh air and exercise while hanging out with adorable pups.

7. Teach an instrument

If you know a musical instrument inside and out and are confident in your ability to teach it to others, you could line up a nice-paying side gig. Since learning an instrument hinges on consistent practice and instruction, it's a great way to secure a steady second job.

8. Drive for a ride-hailing service

The beauty of driving for a ride-hailing service is getting to set your own schedule. And if you're willing to put in enough hours, you could enjoy a nice weekly paycheck, while getting to work at the times it's convenient for you.

9. Be a personal chef

Many people love great food but struggle to cook it. If you're a culinary wiz, that's where you come in. You could secure a stream of personal chef gigs where you spend the evening cooking customized meals at clients' homes – and getting paid nicely for doing that.

10. Work weekends at a local store

You may have a shop near your home that needs extra hands on deck during the weekends. Even if the hourly rate you're offered isn't fabulous, working Saturday and Sunday shifts could put an extra $100 a week in your pocket, plus leave you with free evenings during the workweek.

Increasing your income by $100 a week could work wonders for your finances. It pays to consider these or other side gigs that allow you to boost your income consistently.

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